The evolution of football in the past 20 years

The evolution of football in the past 20 years

There are many voices that criticize and say that football is not progressing at the same rate that society or the other sports. Reviews that often go against the highest national and international bodies that are accused of inaction. But nevertheless, it does not seem to be the true especially if we look back and compare how it has evolved the sport in the past 20 years. And since 1994 until 2014, the changes are more noticeable:

1- The assignment: in 1994 It was possible to give the ball to the goalkeeper and that this could take the hand. This is not possible today. The rules seek to show that the goalkeeper knows play footsie, something which at that time was only destined to archers as Higuita or Chilavert.

2- The lack of technology: electric tablets did not exist and the referee pointed to the duration of the discount period to its discretion. But it's not that there was not only tablets but is not the figure of the fourth official was known. Twenty years later we find three meetings with you trencillas more. Yes with the same faults. The ghost goal and detection was a chimera.

3- The law Boosman: in 1994: Spanish teams could not have more than four foreigners in their ranks and when we talk about foreign talk about community. To make matters worse, They could only match on the field a maximum of three, something that applied to European competitions and left out of the squad for instance Michael Laudrup for the final of the European Cup 1994 against Milan.

Barcelona had a staff Luxury 1994.
Barcelona had a staff Luxury 1994.

4- Football looked open and nothing was imaginable having to buy games in the early 90. The system was clear. The best game open and in prime time on Saturday night. The rest, to 17 Sunday hours without television by. Then came the figure of the party of the plus, which would open a new concept of seeing the beautiful game.

5- European competitions were very different. There was a European Cup playing only the winner of each national league. The Cup of the King disputed a championship called Recopa and the second to the fifth competed in the UEFA Cup, which generally I had more and better equipment than the Champions own, also in 1994 semifinals featured a single party.

6- League two points. Another major changes to reward attacking football and victory. In 1994, a draw was gold for only one point was lost about the winner of a match. But nevertheless, in all those years, the strike rate has not changed as dramatically as one might think.

7- Fans attending football fields could be seated, but most they glimpsed standing meeting, in their overall standing. They could smoke, Drinking alcohol and even throwing flares. They were freer, but more civilized? (Watch the video)

[youtube] = ViPMrl3h_Yw[/youtube]

8- Friendly were frequent and very strong. Today Carranza, Teresa Herrera tournament seem destined to ostracism compared to tours of China and the United States. But nevertheless, in 1994, It was normal to see strong triangular as lived in Oviedo, in the club ovetense, AC Milan and Barcelona. further, it took a lot to play games 45 minutes.

9- The teams were very different from today. Until 10 sets played a league where today can not do. Zaragoza was a power, as Tenerife or Superdepor. Lleida, Albacete or Logrones diversity was a championship that used to be solved by one or two points but average goal and at the last minute, If the league 1993-94.

10- The dress was quite different as the appearance of players, many with mustache. It was possible to see goalkeeper with players with long pants and shirt outside. Worth seeing was the team that introduced his World US 1994, where by the way we saw the last great Maradona.

With Lalas to head, USA dressed in this manner in the World 1994 where by the way we saw last Maradona at high level.
With Lalas to head, USA dressed in this manner in the World 1994 where by the way we saw last Maradona at high level.

As we see many differences and a question: Was it better football and the viewer happier now? Many possible answers ...

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