Hulk's sister kidnapped

The younger sister of the Brazilian forward Hulk, Angelica Aparecida Vieira, was kidnapped in the northeastern city of Campina Grande, as reported by the local Military Police Command. Apparently, the woman, a nutritionist from 22 years, She was kidnapped by criminals who took her out of the car in which she was parked in front of a restaurant and she is still missing.

The case is being investigated as a kidnapping, even though the family has not yet received a ransom request. The commissioner in charge of the case, Henri Fabio, confirmed to the Brazilian portal GloboEsporte that it directs the investigations, but he refused to supply more information.
In statements to the portal, the manager of the football school that maintains the Hulk in Campina Grande, Jose Alberto Costa, claimed the player's family is closely monitoring police investigations: “We are all very worried and sad, and we hope everything ends well”.

Hulk, my civil name is Givanildo Vieira de Souza, in the last year he became one of the main stars of the Brazilian team. Last july, was booked by some 40 million euros for the Zenit de St. Russian Petersburg from Portuguese Porto.
Throughout the last few years, several Brazilian soccer players lived the drama of seeing their relatives kidnapped. Among others, The father of former striker Romario and the mother of the attacker Robinho have been victims of this crime., who in 2004 he remained 41 days in captivity. All cases ended with the release of the victims, supposedly after the ransom payment.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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