League underway

Dear hanging,

Last week when I started writing my comment, It seemed like a prelude to what this year's Liga BBVA was going to bring us. Without being a visionary and much less a futurist, I anticipated what this unequal League was going to propose to us, the circus of beasts eating some defenseless unable to react to the power of an organized herd, joint and aware of its power. A week has passed and the circus is still in its maximum media splendor; televisions and radio media, all to one emitting the same, what if Real Madrid and what if Barcelona, My mother that penny!

The last bulletin that we needed was the confirmation of the signing of Bale by Real Madrid, a price paid - according to the sports press - that seems insulting to me, ¡Ah! but not only me, it seems that Mr.. Martino also has the same thoughts as me. Simply and referring to football - which is what we are dealing with - with what has been paid for this player, between three and four complete Liga BBVA teams could have been bought.

A nice, We continue on the path of soccer nonsense and it seems that, consciously or unconsciously, powerful teams (the only two because there is no more), They are thinking about the European and intercontinental competitions than in the domestic. It would not make them reason, when the 18 remaining teams - I insist - are mere spectators of a bipolar league, serving as "sparrings" of the super-teams, Simeone himself this week before the first leg of the Super Cup pointed out that Barcelona and Real Madrid are in another galaxy and it is impossible to compete for the league championship against the two greats.

As the above is more of the same and is a bore, than soccer teams when they go out to compete against these monsters - in my way of thinking- that they go out to the field with what they want, as they want and as they can; I will forgive the result if it is against, even if it is bulky and I will try to think that it is an obstacle in the way that will have to be overcome, if they win I will be immensely happy and try to enjoy the feat, why,undoubtedly, it will be quite a feat, just like a few ago 2500 years a few Spartans fought and contained in the Battle of Thermopylae an entire army of Trojans.

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams to compete in their league, where we can surely enjoy very good matches, with the rivalry of teams of the same sporting and economic level.

Let's go on and live football, we still have a week until September.

Sergio Barres

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