Shares of some brainless in football

Shares of some brainless in football

Unfortunately, sometimes violence takes an unwanted role in the world of sports. Specifically in football, It is not the first time that the action of a mindless person causes damage, although not all end in tragedy. In Colgados we tell you some of the most unpleasant cases that have occurred in recent years due to the action of one or several unconscious. Some did not long ago.

Udrej Duda, Legia player from Warsaw receives a stone from the stands in Albania

The match between the Albanian Kukës and the Legia of Warsaw in the first Europa League preview had to be suspended after Udrej Duda, player of the Polish team received a stone from the stands. The player ended up lying after being hit by a stone thrown from the stands of the stadium located in the capital of Albania. The incident caused a fight between fans who were only a few meters apart. The player after being treated returned to the field but the referee of the match decided to end the match in danger of things going further.

Player dies from a stone from the stands in the Algerian league

Regrettably, the news of a player in the Algerian league after receiving the impact of a stone from the stands, copied the news panels of all the media on the planet. Albert Ebosse, He died on 23 August 2014 after receiving a tremendous stone from a fan after finishing the game in which the Cameroonian, who scored and was the top scorer in the Algerian league. To make the event more dramatic, the player had been a father just that morning.

A tear gas grenade forced the Madrigal to be evicted

In February 2014 an unidentified subject dropped a tear gas bomb, similar to those used by the police, on the Madrigal pitch during the Villarreal-Celta de Vigo match. The fact, forced the immediate eviction of the field of play and the public from the stadium due to difficulty breathing. The game was suspended for a few minutes to be resumed a few minutes later.. It looks like, the individual threw the grenade from a stadium vomitorium to immediately, run out. It could have caused a lot of misfortune if people had left the venue in a different way than they did.

A madman dropped a smoke bomb in the Madrigal that had to be evicted.
A madman dropped a smoke bomb in the Madrigal that had to be evicted.

Dino Baggio was hit by a knife from the stands

The tie between Parma and the Wisla of Krakow of the season 98-99 will be remembered as that of the knife to the Italian Dino Baggio. It was the second part of the match played in Poland when a Polish fan hit a knife in the head of the Italian midfielder..

As tragic as the action could have been, Dino was only briefly attended by the club doctors and quickly returned to the field of play, proving to have a very well put head. The action cost the Wisla of Kraków, as he was sanctioned by UEFA for a year without being able to compete in European competitions. Hopefully actions like these, don't repeat themselves on a soccer field.

Federico Lussenhof received a brick in his vehicle that could end very badly

When things go wrong, they can always get worse. It is a maxim of life that is rarely violated. ¨And if not tell Federico Lussenhoff that in the season 98/99 He was leaving the stadium accompanied by his teammate Bruno Marioni when a group of fans jumped on him and reproached him for his bad performances in recent games.

The result ended up being appalling. Lussenhoff ended up facing a fan even reaching his hands and he responded by throwing a brick on the player's car that could have ended in tragedy. Finally,the blood did not reach the river and everything ended relatively well within the seriousness of the scene.

Fans beat up players with political issues

The pre-season friendly between France Lille and Maccabi Haifa of Israel played in Austria, I was marred by the terrible conflict. A group of people, They are carrying Palestinian flags, They invaded the pitch at the minute 84 to begin a terrible battle against the Israeli team players starring in one of the most unfortunate images that have been seen in a football game, mixing sport with the horrific conflict in Gaza.

Maccabi Haifa footballers beat up fans with Palestinian flags.
Maccabi Haifa footballers beat up fans with Palestinian flags.

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  1. Unfortunately, violence has harmed soccer. It's a shame this is happening… I share a blog that talks about soccer and also about the fans in general..

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