Top Stories of the World 1934

Top Stories of the World 1934

According to the provisions for the creation of world football by FIFA, after the initial given to a nation in the Americas, It corresponded to turn the European continent. In 1932, it was decided to hand over to Italy the II World Championship 1934. Italians received the news with great joy and were prepared to organize an event that exceeded what was done by Uruguay four years earlier.

Fascism is not yet considered a palpable threat, so the nomination of Italy did not cause too much resistance. But nevertheless, for a man like the Italian Duce Benito Mussolini, World represented a great opportunity to gain publicity, bearing his name and his country all over the world.

It is said that the Duce not like football or understand much about him, but from that time, He became a "tifoso" fan. He immediately formed a committee presiding over the General Giorgio Vaccaro, big fan of Lazio. The policy was beginning to become part of the world.

Il Duce se volvió el primer "Tifossi" suddenly
Il Duce became the first “Tifossi” suddenly

Unlike four years ago, This time the FIFA received 33 inscriptions countries willing to participate in the World. As this figure doubled the number of selections planned for the fair (16), it was decided to pre-qualifying round, which, curiously, They were not exempt even the hosts. Although the Italian victory over Greece was comfortable (4-0), It was the first and only time the risk that a World Cup will be played without the presence of local ran.

The Mexican team had to play their tie against the United States. El Duce Mussolini, bearing the name of Benito admiration for his father felt for the Mexican national hero Benito Juarez and wanted to win the friendship of the Americans, He invited both teams to settle the tie in Rome 24 of May, three days before the start of the World. The match was won by Americans 4-2.

A Mexican national team without organization, directed by the FIFA World Cup in 1930, Rafael Garza Gutiérrez, "record", He was out and the chance to contest their second World. The circumstances of the then called "the mystery of Rome", They include inter alia, neglect feeding selected during the boat trip to Europe and differences between players, having a group that had enough own money and I could spend your taste and others, of humble, which they were not adequately supported and attended by the leaders.

These social and economic differences were accentuated in Rome, where a group walking and eating at select locations, while the other had to conform with the necessities. So that, with poor physical preparation and equipment disjoint morally, the result was not at all surprising.

The National Party National Stadium would host the final. Today is the Olympic Stadium in Rome
The National Party National Stadium would host the final. Today is the Olympic Stadium in Rome

For this World, Cup format took, that is to say, elimination starting from the second round, quarter finals, final and final, also established a party to define the third and fourth.

Just promise a good level, despite the absence of reigning champion, Uruguay, because they were still upset about the snub that most European countries had their world and refused to participate.

The runner-up 1930, Argentina, He concurred with a second-line, while Brazil still could not find a team that could show the quality of their football.

On this World they settled in Italian stadiums special places for the press, The "press box", where reporters of various newspapers around the world made their match reports, It is written in books, anything the machine monitors. The world at one time.

How far were the Ipads. In 1934 They were introduced for the first time the press boxes. The media, some notebooks.
How far were the Ipads. In 1934 They were introduced for the first time the press boxes. The media, some notebooks.


in Florence, Semifinal duel expected: Italy will face the powerful Spanish team. In the first game, hardness used by Italian, He could not be controlled by referee. After regular and extra time, the tie to a goal, without the option of criminal, He forced a playoff game the next day, where Spain, without 7 holders and Italy without 5, They gave life to another grueling game, in which the Italians were imposed by 1-0, another lousy arbitration, leaving out Spanish.

Spain may have won his first World Cup 1934 but it was berthed in Italy

A curious case was that of Luis Monti, Argentine Italian father, since it is the only player who has participated in two World Cup finals with different teams. Sad also your destination, as it is said that in Uruguay 1930 He played threatened with death if Argentina won in Uruguay and Italy, threatened with death if Italy was not champion.

Before the start of the game, A ceremony was held to greet the three countries occupy the top positions in the world. A) Yes, on the lawn of the stadium lined, from the left, Czechoslovakia, Italy and Germany. Italian flag bore the shield of the House of Savoy, while on the German side, waving two flags, a, the German Reich with black colors, white and red and other, flag NSDAP.

Fascist flags flew across the top during the World Mussolini
Fascist flags flew across the top during the World Mussolini

This time was the first of three times in World Cup history that a goalkeeper receives the World Cup: Combi. would 48 years to imitate him another Italian, Dino Zoff and 28 years to reach the third, the Spanish Iker Casillas. Y, until now, It was the only time two goalkeepers have agreed as captains in the World Cup final. As curious: Italy goalkeeper played with the shorts stopped by a leather belt and a white metal buckle.

Italy was the champion of his own World. He had met the target, sports and political. Those guys saved his life by winning the partido.Jules Rimet, with a sigh of relief, He could deliver Combi Cup Captain. Meanwhile, a group of soldiers to Duce offered him a huge glass of bronze had the image of Mussolini and that read "L'Italia vince". Fascism had found an ideal means to promote the benefits of his regime.

Italian eleven crowned World Champion of 1934
Italian eleven crowned World Champion of 1934

As in Uruguay 1930, fit the runners-up tournament honored to count among its ranks the scorer of the World. In 1934, Oldrich Nejedly was the Czechoslovak five goles.Originalmente, They had recognized him only four goals, what equalized in first place in the scoring world with Edmund Conen German and Italian Angelo Schiavio, but nevertheless, in November 2006 they were officially recognized five goals.


To read the full version with all the details available World 1934, You can download the PDF with all parties, photos and details of one of the first major events in the history of football . You can download it here ITALY 1934

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