The highest paid coaches in the world

The highest paid coaches in the world
Guardiola and Mourinho in the same image. Guardiola and Mourinho in the same image. PHOTO: Brand

They do not score goals or make decisive stops but they bear the greatest responsibility. So much so that if the team does not achieve the desired results they are the first to leave.. But, How much do you charge? More or less than the players? We talk about the coaches and as you can imagine, we are going to discuss who are the best paid coaches in the world.

The list is presumably made up of the “coaches” of the great teams in Europe, but there are some other surprises, especially because there are leagues that have no qualms about throwing the house out the window to bring in the most charismatic.

1. Pep Guardiola (Bayern Munich): 17 million euros make him the best-priced coach and this because he secures titles where he goes. Guardiola has never had a blank season and only in one year of his five as coach of a top-flight team did he not win the league.

2. Jose Mourinho (Chelsea): 10 million euros wins The Special One. He claims to give something to talk about, prestige, notoriety and teams fighting to the maximum. Mou is a winning horse and it comes at a price. He has won leagues in every country he's been.

3. Marcello Lippi (Guangzhou): 10 Marcelo Lippi charges millions of euros to export his football to the Chinese league. There, his football knowledge and experience serve to guide young local values.

4. Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid): 9 million euros has been collected by the technician who made the Tenth possible. Educated and a lover of football show Ancelotti is another of those who boasts of having won three Champions League and leagues in four countries.

5. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal): 8,2 millions of euros earned by the oldest coach leading an elite team. And it is that they are already 18 the years that the Frenchman directed Arsenal. And he does it with the premise of good football and titles.

Italian coaches have a very high cache.
Italian coaches have a very high cache.

6- Roberto Mancini (Galatarasay): 8 million euros another Italian coach like Roberto Mancini has in his coffers per season. Galatasaray pays them, who trusts the transalpine to achieve once and for all go far in Europe.

7. Louis van Gaal (Manchester United): after leading the Netherlands in the World Cup, Van Gaal will start his career in English football through Manchester United. You will have the difficult mission of leading the “red devils” to the elite again. In return; 8 million euros per year.

8. Fabio Capello (Russia) – 7,8 million is what Don Fabio Capello charges for leading Russia in the World Cup in Brazil. He does it in a team without much tradition but that aspires to strike the big blow four years before organizing its own world championship. The highest paid coach in the world.

9. Jürgen Klopp (Borussia Dortmund) – 4,3 million charges one of the fashion trainers, Klopp. He does so in part because he led Dortmund to two Bundesligas, and an attractive and colorful football that has served to be loved by many of the great clubs in Europe.

10. Manuel Pellegrini (Manchester City) – 4,1 million is what the “Engineer” Perceived in Manchester. A fair salary if you take into account that in your first year you have already been able to give “citizens” his fourth Premier. quiet man, Pellegrini ensures good football and exemplary behavior.

Pellegrini is the 10th highest paid coach in the world.
Pellegrini is the 10th highest paid coach in the world.

Other salaries:

– Tata Martino (Barcelona) 5,4

– Cholo Simeone: 2,5

– Vicente del Bosque: 2,3

– Rafa Benitez: 3,5

– Jorge Jesus: 4

– Laurent Blanc: 3

– Claudio Ranieri: 3

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