Luis Suarez, Pichichi of the League

Luis Suarez, Pichichi of the League
Luis Suárez can be the Pichichi of LaLiga. PHOTO: LaLiga

With permission of Leo Messi, this summer the veteran Uruguayan attacker Luis Suárez made the front pages of sports newspapers, because FC Barcelona wanted to get rid of him. His high record and the doubts his physical performance offered were the two reasons why the attacker no longer had a place in the team of the Dutchman Koeman.

Luis Suárez went to Atlético de Madrid, in an operation in which FC Barcelona practically gave the player away in order to get rid of the high record. To this day if you look at the league scorers table, you can do it through Inkabet bonus code, It turns out that the Uruguayan is the top scorer of the League.

How is this possible? If the culé set was not valid, Why is he performing so well on the mattress team? Well, first of all Luis Suárez is one of the best scorers in the world, that is not lost, the scoring ability is something innate in the player and he will never lose it.

It has probably lost its freshness and speed, in fact does not actively participate in the game by touching very few balls, but the times he has to do things he turns them into goals.

This is very valid for a team like Atlético de Madrid, which is not characterized by carrying the handle of the game but by controlling and going on the attack quickly. For this reason there are other players who do the dirty work so to speak like Llorente. Luis Suárez only has to do his work in his area of ​​influence ... and he is doing it.

Not only the goals and the leadership in attack, He has also contributed quality in the pass in the last meters, creating walls and goal situations for teammates.

Has been, in all probability, the best signing of this year. Simeone only has to take into account the rest of the player to prevent some type of injury. He has practically played everything and although he is in very good shape, the second part of the season can get very long.

The mattress team has covered its back by signing Dembelé, a fast player, young and of great quality that can be an ideal complement for the absence of the charrúa.

A very difficult team to win and surprise, if you don't win, get a draw. A team that is very complex to score goals and now has the facility to convert them.

Has a lot of room to fail, so it has the advantage of being able to go through a gambling crisis. His rivals have to get all the points, and this has become a very complex task.

Nowadays, Atlético de Madrid is leading with 7 advantage points and one game less, is in a very good position to take the title this year. Neither Real Madrid nor FC Barcelona are in their best version and Atlético should take advantage of this to achieve a well-deserved league.

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