TV brand is already closing date: the 1 July this 2013

TV brand is already closing date: the 1 July this 2013
TV brand is already closing date: the 1 July this 2013

The worst omens are fulfilled for Marca TV that we already advanced to them last February at Unidad Editorial plans to close its sports channel from 1 of July, it was impossible to monetize, and transfer the license to a Telet Store.

The intention of the media group was to rent the frequency to an American ‘major’, as pointed out by PR Noticias a few days ago. But nevertheless, the Supreme Court ruling that annuls the distribution of DTT and announces the suppression of channels (two of the four that Unidad Editorial has), has ruined this operation.

Once this possibility is ruled out, Now what is being proposed in Unidad Editorial is the emission of a Teletienda signal from the 1 of July. This option, at least, It will allow the group not to undertake more spending until the uncertainty raised by the Supreme Court ruling that has put the sector in check is resolved.

Editorial Unit will close Marca TV on the date the chain's contract is fulfilled, the 30 of June. The canal drags losses in its two years of life, and their situation was untenable.
Although this seems to be the final goodbye, last year it was also rumored that the channel would close down to rent the frequency to Real Madrid TV. Finally, Editorial Unit did renew the contract, after denying the rumors to Vertele.
One of the recent business decisions at Marca TV has been the sale of rights to Second Division matches to TVE (Teledeporte) and the league open to Mediaset (Four).
Let us remember that Unidad Editorial and Mediapro are partners at 50% Marca TV, after the summer 2010 reached an agreement for the launch of the channel and its exploitation. The latest accounts published by Unidad Editorial, for the year 2011, already revealed the high cost of a television for a small group, with the press as core business.

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