Marcelo, The last survivor

Marcelo, The last survivor
Higuaín, Gago and Marcelo came together at Real Madrid a decade ago.

Real Madrid lived turbulent times, had just left not quite right things. Ramon Calderon became president and, junto a Pedja Mijatovic, He launched a new sports project he set his sights on young talent. that year 2006, the white entity they arrived 3 unknown players for many, but with a promising future. We talk about Higuaín, Gago and Marcelo.

These players came of urgency in the winter, with the need to mitigate the bad times the team. The financial outlay was important: 12 million by Higuain, 20,4 by Gago and others 7 Marcelo. Many criticized this decision, but others endorsed. side is incorporated, a midfielder and a front, new sap Stand and Deliver.

Fernando Gago, compared with men like Redondo or Valdano, He dressed during the elastic meringue 5 seasons, disputing a total of 121 games he scored one goal and led 21 assists. His performance was not, much less the expected, and in 2011 I saw ended his tour at the Bernabeu. countryman, Higuaín, called to be the great Argentine forward's future, He had a greater contribution. He came to play 264 meetings which saw goal in 121 occasions. Certainly good numbers, but the "Pipa" was always questioned, He did not quite earn the trust of all the Real Madrid and in the year 2013 He left the organization.

But not everything would be bad news. Marcelo did fulfill the expectations around him. Initially he settled in the starting lineup from virtually. Today, 10 years later and over 380 games behind, still there, undisputed leader in the field and locker room. They have not imported the changes on the bench or in the box. The Brazilian has shown irreproachable and persistent over time. No longer we imagine another shield other than Real Madrid, neither he nor.

You can say, loud and clear, Marcelo is the only survivor of that hopeful trio.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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