The most controversial signing of the winter market

The most controversial signing of the winter market
The signing of Ukrainian Zozulya has caused much controversy among fans of Rayo. Photo: other media

Finally, even though it was very close to not performed, Rayo Vallecano signed which is arguably the most controversial signing of the winter market across Europe. The transaction for the transfer of Ukrainian player Betis, Zozulya, He came to a halt after enormous pressure from their managers hobby vallecana. The motives, Player political ideals, very active on these issues, which at first they seemed quite contrary to those of the social mass vallecana, well known and marked.

Nothing but the news, Smoke poured social networks considering that the ideals Player, allegedly linked to the extreme right Ukrainian, had little or nothing to do with the way you see the life of the fans who go to Vallecas. This social pressure caused the signing was stopped for a few minutes the market closed winter 2017, Ray finally decided effective. The thing was to such points that a statement was issued on behalf of the player to disprove his alleged ideologies.

The player released this statement refuting the information that came upon him and almost paralyzes his move.

The truth is that things are bad for Vallecas. Just descended from First, one of the most expensive templates Second and fighting to avoid relegation to Second Division B, anda Vallecas tier odds with his players and managers. The signing of Zozulya, It does nothing but add fuel to a fire that threatens to burn a classic Spanish football.

The -colectivo ADRV platform that brings together many clubs and groups rayistas- also it issued a statement rejecting the signing of a recognized “neonazi”. The player, He has never hidden his support for the Ukrainian army nor or admiration for Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian historical figure honored by right-wing organizations. Although the player has always denied belonging to any neo-Nazi group. We'll see how is the thing.

The platform ADR issued this statement rejecting the signing of the player Betis.

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