Nigeria, the “Green eagles” They want more prey

Nigeria, the “Green eagles” They want more prey

In 1996, Nigeria gave the big surprise when winning the Olympic gold in Atlanta. A generation of brilliant youngsters brimming with talent thus bestowed the first major title on African football. He did it based on speed, physical and a fast pace of play. What happened in the USA was confirmed 94, where they were about to eliminate Italy in the round of 16. It seemed that a great power had been born. 18 years later, but nevertheless, Things have not changed, rather they have stagnated and that is always bad news.

Nigeria still hasn't passed the round of 16 of a World Cup and despite winning the last Africa Cup, doubts are still present. Why? Because defensively it's still a mess. at the tactical level, still far from the South American and European powers. And up, there is still a lack of a true striker capable of not missing the clearest opportunities. it may sound harsh, but it is like this.

Having said that, Nigeria is nice to watch for viewers. Their matches sometimes become a parade, in back-and-forth encounters where anything is possible. We already saw it in the last Confederations Cup. the best of the “Green eagles” is in their midfield. Mikel, Moses and Onazi are internationally recognized players with a lot of weight in the national team and in their clubs. Its quality is proven, although in the case of Mikel he does not seem to be at his best.

Conversely, the worst is still his weak defensive line. childish mistakes, incredible oversights for a continental champion are easy to see. In his favor, is that they have a group where being first is difficult but second is accessible, Well, Bosnia and Iran are not big coconuts either.. But nevertheless, if you want to go further, There is a lot of work ahead.

Nigeria won the last Africa Cup.
Nigeria won the last Africa Cup.


  • good midfield. We have discussed it before. The midfield gathers talent, muscle, fight and arrival on the second line. Quite full and long, the best of the team.
  • great physical condition. It is another of the clear strong points. Nigerian players are athletes and that in a World Cup where heat is expected is great news.

Weak points:

  • The defense. It is his great handicap. Tactical errors and extremely fragile especially in the center make it the great target and point of criticism.
  • The lack of a referent the natural finisher. Nigeria boasts of having a good midfield, but your problem comes with the completion. That in a World Cup is a great sin.


nigeria lineup


Keshi won the Africa Cup 2013.
Keshi won the Africa Cup 2013.

Stephen Keshi may be a great unknown to many fans. But nevertheless, those who have followed his career know that he is a great coach. He already showed it with Togo, which he qualified for his first World Cup in 2006 and he has done it with Nigeria, which he has made champion of Africa in 2013.

Keshi is a good scholar, a lover of methodology and discipline, which is to say that you have a lot of work ahead of you, although part of him is beginning to show. character man, with the, definitely, Nigeria has taken a step forward.


– Twice round of 16 in World Cups (1994 Y 1998)

– Africa champion three times

– Olympic gold in 1996.

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