The player who drank whiskey while negotiating his signing

The player who drank whiskey while negotiating his signing
Adebayor was rejected by Lyon after he ordered a whiskey and smoke a cigarette in full interview for signing.

Footballers are peculiar types escapes no one. Maniacs and eccentrics who are in many cases not. However, go to negotiate a signing and ordered a stream of whiskey in coffee and get to smoke a cigarette while talking to the team manager who love you sign, does not seem the best option. That's what made the controversial Emmanuel Adebayor when Lyon leaders met with him to sign him after he is released from Crystal Palace.

Togo player, with a broad curriculum in important teams like Arsenal, City, Real Madrid or Tottenham among others, He was released after failing to renew its relationship with Crystal Palace Premier. An opportunity where leaders Olympique Lyon decided to sign the Togolese launch, a player renowned for his club. However the first contact made the leaders decided not to sign him.

He according counted Bruno Genesio, club coach, He met with Adebayor for his willingness to sign him because he was a player who had played in big teams, but he left the premises convinced that it was not the ideal player for his team. “Manu had room for the team, so we were in Lyon for coffee. But when we got a blast of whiskey asked for coffee and got a cigar in boca.Estaba willing to listen, as it was someone who had played for Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham and Real Madrid. But what followed confirmed my first impression: there was no room for him in our club ".

Not the first nor the last eccentricity of “Manolito” as they called him at Real Madrid. Not long ago, late 2014, he left in full season with Tottenham to his country so that he removed a jinx that according to the player, He had his family. A story that we tell at the time this article.

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