A player was arrested by police at halftime of a game

A player was arrested by police at halftime of a game
Heverton Santos, the goalkeeper who was arrested for not paying alimony. Photo: Olé.com.ar

It seems that in this world you never cease to be amazed. And in the little world of football alone. We have seen from players who feign a swoon for not paying a pension to others that end up being arrested by police at half time. The latter case we saw in Brazilian football at halftime of the game of the tournament against Luverdense Matogrossense. The protagonist, Heverton Santos, portero Worker Várzea-Grande.

The Brazilian team goalkeeper juice as normal the first time the meeting. However, When he reached the locker room he met members of the Police, they arrested him, the reason? Porter 38 years had not paid alimony for their children according to the newspaper “Ole”. So it ended up in handcuffs. This reminds us when Enner Valencia feigned a swoon to escape ambulance stadium when police was going to stop for the same reason.

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