Who is the best free kick taker in the world? The 10 best shooters faults

Who is the best free kick taker in the world? The 10 best shooters faults
Who is the best free kick taker in the world? The 10 handles faults

The best pitchers missing. Without doubt, in the world of football, take your team to a player who usually has a high percentage of free-throws is always a good plunger. How many games that were tied or lost are over beating through a specialist team genius shows faults? Some prefer hit instep, others with the outside, others choose inside, and more, most preferred place to break. But all ways are valid, as long as the ball ends up in the meshes of the net. In Hanged For Football, today, the 10 best snipers football history:

1- Juninho Pernambucano: Brazilian former Lyon player was a specialist in scoring goals, while marked a total of 44 missing in France. His ability allowed him to give effect to a curved trajectory of the ball in shooting near and a dry, hard shot long distance strokes. Among its most famous victims are Oliver Khan, Victor Valdes and Iker Casillas. As anecdotal note, against Sedan scored a goal almost 38 meters away where the ball hit several changes of direction in the air, and which earned him to be known as the “throw the snake” (see video).

2- David Beckham: the English star was removed and with one of the best shooters in history faults. Inside and instep served him to put the ball where literally wanted. Manchester, in England, and to a lesser extent with Real Madrid, Beckham left the stamp of his trademark. His image of sporting icon somehow has hurt him, because he has covered many of his virtues. Between them, is.

3- Diego Armando Maradona: the best player ever it was partly because he had the ability to put the ball where he wanted. A specialist in removing the cobwebs of the brackets. It was said that won a Scudetto playing alone and if so, It was because I had a glove on his boot. Preferred short distances, but also far he left to remember somewhat.

4- Roberto Carlos: its power with the left leg allowed him to make incredible golazos, as the famous goal impossible Fabian Barthez marked in the Confederations Cup. His physical strength and were quebraderos of a shot continuous head for goalkeepers. Long run and leave the ball where he wanted. yes, in his must, I was just throwing a free-kick inside with intent to place.

5- Sinisa Mihajlovic: Borovo bombardment marked a total of 27 goals in Serie A missing. His striking technique, It was perfect and accuracy, He does not go. Each fault for his team, It was half-goal, a cause for celebration. With Lazio, He reached a hat trick of missing, but really where he devoted himself was at Inter. Today, He is the current coach of Serbia, selection which also left some other pearl.

6- Milinko Pantic: another Balkan master kick goals. Cost 75 Atletico million pesetas, money that was willing to pay Radomir Antic of pocket. Calderon in a corner of a bouquet of flowers placed in honor of the best free kick taker who has been in that stadium. A show, a genius, that hardly will repeat.

7- Ronald Koeman: the man who gave the first European Cup 1992 Barcelona, how not, lack of. extraordinary power, attached to a placement. The perfect cocktail. More than a right leg, He had a cannon. He scored a total of 193 goals in 533 matches, which speaks very clearly of his offensive capabilities, improper for a central.

8- Teofilo Cubillas: his goal to Scotland in the World 78 It is possibly the best ever scored both free-throw. Placement, beauty, and power up the outside. A) Yes, It was the Peruvian, the man who said Pele once :do not worry, and I have a successor and Teofilo Cubillas”. Everything is said.

9- Ronaldinho Gaucho: Ronaldinho scored a goal he Seaman in the quarter-finals of the World 2006, which he is still going around the world in every newspaper archives. Joy, placement, effectiveness, power, let's say the “gaucho”, unparalleled talent.

10- José Luis Chilavert: the goalkeeper scorer. 62 career goals, 16 lack of. Perhaps because he knew better than anyone guardametas, its success from free kicks was more remarkable. In 1996, He marked a historic double in a doorman. Aunaba power and placement. Of course, character.

We mentioned ten men, but the list could be endless: briefly expose other illustrious names specialists striking faults:

Nolberto Solano: this Peruvian retired in 2012, Maradona put the nickname “Maestrito” for how to throw blows francs.

Andrea Pirlo: precision, a demoniac effect part of the repertoire of Italian.

Zico: a genius releases from distance.

Garrincha: Brazil never lost with Pele and he in the field, because the great matador end was among other things a phenomenon of faults. Spectacular, the made to Bulgaria.

Platini: many goals and one famous, the Arconada Spain in the Euro 84.

Ruben Suarez: golazos of all colors, many of them from long range.

Xavi Hernandez: few pitches for having always been surrounded by experts. But the few who have tried, He has always left its mark. A great.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 12 goals in La Liga since arriving and five more in the Champions League as well as a host in the United mark statistics fouls Cristiano. all, accompanied with his usual four steps back and his murderous gaze to the keeper.

Marcos Assuncao: a master of “Dry leaf” who crashed three balls to bat and scored a goal in its start in the Spanish League. It seemed that his shots were always above. Big mistake, It was the way to mislead the gatekeepers.

Other names: Ruben Bustos, Alessandro Del Piero, Francesco Totti, Ivan de la Peña, Santi Cazorla, Steve Gerrard, Frank Lampard and others who will surely overlook.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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