Real Madrid 2- Athletic 0: whites still dominate the mattress

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He had to get up from the canvas in Liga Real Madrid. Forced to a home series defeat left him on the brink three months after the start of title defense. The opponent was conducive to getting a good dose of mind. For greatness. Atletico Madrid came to the derby with a new face. The ”Cholo” Simeone has become winner.

Admire and field demonstrated that a battle between Mourinho and Simeone is pure tactics. He was beaten by a low Atletico last minute. Luis Filipe fell by a muscle strain. The ”Cata” Diaz had to play left back. Di Maria had a point to explode but did not find the way. Atletico was team block. He went to Real Madrid.

Two teams that explode like no backlash doubt was who wanted the ball. He was forced out by the rival Real Madrid but could. “We want eleven Ramos”, He reads a banner. In delivery there was no doubt. Cristiano performed to aid defensive recognized by all the novelty.

Tension. Intensity. fiendish pace. The duel was born equaled, with Atletico Madrid showing growth. The game had much speed as imprecision in the final meters. Diego Costa had outstanding accounts with Pepe and Ramos last season. Brazil not stop incordiar. At thirteen minutes he sat Ramos on the left side and attended Falcao. The Colombian won the match Pepe and topped with pleasure. Casillas rescued his image as savior. It invented a full stop reflexes.

These actions raise a team in a match of few chances. impel. Only two minutes later he made a childish mistake Arda. A hand near your area divided into a ball.

Christian knocked and was reunited with the goal of missing. After a thousand attempts fate had saved get to the last opponent that had marked ball stopped eight months ago. His shot circumvented the barrier upward trajectory and when changed to downward, down to a punch right stick speed Courtois, that as he stretched felt powerless.

Little football and a lot of fight. Atletico had to take a step forward and he had plenty of self-esteem to do. Simeone had ordered slow as was the madridista option exploit its speed. Counterattacks were cut with faults Özil. Imagination of magicians suffered in such physical shock.

Up to the Minute 36 there was a player who returned to given an opening. It was Christian and had to do from 35 meters. Courtois pulled him down as he could. A derbies will never lack the controversy.

For discussion will be a dispute near the corner between Ramos and Falcao. Defender covering the ball to bottom out; the front pressing to avoid. At the end Sergio released his arm and struck in the neck of the Colombian. He fell to the grass and complained about the face. There was not yellow.

Tension rose with Diego Costa in every fight. In so many that he lost and his team accused him. And they sought his rivals at the end of the first act that ended a soft shot into the hands of Mario Casillas. After the break Real Madrid he felt more liberated, comfortable on the ball as it was growing prominence of Özil. Atletico needed more.

Without Filipe lost the surprise factor on the left side. The ”Cata” never exceed the midfield. It was Juanfran who was up and did not appear. He had enough with marking Cristiano Ronaldo. Pressure existed but it was not enough. He lacked audacity in attack. I failed to find the way to reach Casillas. It caused Falcao tried from afar. without success.

It was time for Özil. Appeared spaces and when he is like a fish in water. First he attended Benzema, that knocked down the Atletico goal. Cristiano then that he found his left door. And he ended up marking the sentence. Ronaldo more generous than ever put the finishing with a perfect pass to Mesut scorer with down time. The stand maddened.

detracted 24 Atleti minutes of fighting and impotence. Should take a step forward for candidacy for the title and in the best scenario for doing so could not give a decisive blow to his great rival. Bats prevented the pain of defeat was greater.

Christian launched a free kick against the crossbar and a generous effort, He clinched against each Özil with a shot that repelled the wood. Real Madrid's resurrection was fulfilled. It will continue fighting to defend the title and waiting failures. Life goes on in the Madrid derby.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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