Robbie Rogers, US-abandons international football after confessing his homosexuality

Robbie Rogers, US-abandons international football after confessing his homosexuality
Robbie Rogers confessed to being gay and came to quit football but eventually returned.

Robbie Rogers is leaving football after confessing his homosexuality. Player 25 years, 18 US-caps and came to participate in the Olympics 2008, He has announced leaving football after openly confessing their sexual orientation. The player who belonged to the Leeds United but was on loan at Stevenage, has admitted that he is gay and that leaves football with 25 years.

“Things are never what they seem. All my life I've felt differently. To overcome your fears one has to be strong and believe in your goals. during my 25 years have been afraid to show it really was for fear of rejection stay away from my dreams and aspirations. The fear that my loved ones to stay away from me if they knew my secret ", Rogers wrote in his blog.

“Life is only complete when people want to know you. When you know your true feelings, when they know who and how love. Life is easier when your secret is no longer. Gone is the pain that lurks in your stomach at work, pain and avoid questions, Finally, hide pain so deep secret. Secrets can cause internal damage. I tried to explain to my loved ones after 25 years I'm gay ", he confessed.

“I always thought I could hide this secret. Football was my escape, My objective, my identity. Football hid my secret and gave me more joy than I could have imagined… I will always be grateful for my career”. Argument

“I remember Beijing, MLS and most of my teammates. I never forget the friends I've made on this long road and those who supported me once they knew my secret. Now it's time to get away. It's time to discover me out of football. As I write this I can not be happier with my decision. Life is full of amazing things and I realize I can only really enjoy if I'm honest ", Rogers sentenced in his farewell.

American is the first player to publicly admit his homosexuality since it did Justin Fashanu en 1990. Surprise your decision to quit football, with only 25 years, making it clear that although we are in the year 2013, the topic “Taboo” still latent. Possibly it not is neither the only nor the last case of homosexuality in football today.

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