The Schalke 04 stops the signing of Sergi Enrich for the video of 2016

The Schalke 04 stops the signing of Sergi Enrich for the video of 2016
Sergi Enrich will not finally go to Schalke 04 for the sex video he recorded in 2016. PHOTO: Brand
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The Schalke 04 slows down the signing of Sergio Enrich. The German team, he has listened to the protests of an important sector of his fans and will not sign the Spanish striker who was going to arrive free after several years in Eibar. The reason, the famous threesome sex video together with Antonio Luna that came to light in 2016.

The Schalke 04 stands against the signing of Sergio Enrich

The German club itself uploaded a message on its social networks that said the following: “We have been interested in the signing of Sergi Enrich but we have positioned ourselves against his signing” read a statement in which the historic club that will play this year in the German second division, ruled out the signing of the Spanish footballer when all the media already took it for granted.

The reason, the protests of an important sector of their liking for the video of sexual content recorded in 2016. According to the German newspaper Bild: “Enrich filmed himself and his former partner Antonio Luna having sex with a woman and then distributed the videos on the internet without her consent”. In addition to stressing that the footballer was convicted of this and addressing derogatory terms such as “The p… black that motherfucker… He has screwed me up but well” regarding Eddy Silvestre who was the one who supposedly passed the video through a well-known mobile messaging application.

A) Yes, Sergi Enrich will finally continue as a free agent after his frustrated signing by Schalke 04.

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