Players who had a 2015 to forget

Players who had a 2015 to forget

With the 2015 already done, It is always a good time to remember what happened in that year already finalized. Because, Today we review what was the 2015 for some well-known players. Today we look at some players who had a 2015 to forget.

Arjen Robben: the skillful Dutch player was clear: “2015 It was the worst year of my career, It was shit”. Such confidence the player who suffered an injury in March showed, he could not participate much with his team or his selection fell eliminated against all odds and will not be in the Euro 2016.

Victor Valdes: the truth is that the Catalan goalkeeper is coming from the 2014 when a serious injury left him in dry dock without the contract was signed with Monaco after leaving Barca. With his arrival at Manchester United it seemed the goalkeeper again resume his successful career but nothing is further from reality. Unsuspected limits for marginalized to a player from its cache, the 2015 It has been a horrible year, to forget, former goalkeeper for FC Barcelona.

Valdes has passed 2015 sucking tier at United.
Valdes has passed 2015 to forget sucking in the United harrow.

Mario Ballotelli: what this player is no longer news. Swarming from club to club confirming that possibly is one of the biggest lies soccer. The 2015 It was in his umpteenth failure to Liverpool and another back to Milan. The downside is that is beginning to be seen as its star custom year after year off. We'll see where is the 30.

Alvaro Negredo: another who has lived a year to forget. He signed as a star but his season Valencia 2014/15 It was a huge fiasco. He started well in summer 2015 but after a rare controversy with Nuno, He ended marginalized, defenestrado and despised by the Portuguese coach who ended up on the street before the end of the year. Definitely, the worst year's race also Madrid, It was operated for appendicitis in case he had no little.

Nuno Negredo faced and ended up marginalized in the stands until the departure of Portuguese.
Nuno Negredo faced and ended up marginalized in the stands until the departure of Portuguese. A 2015 to forget.
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