Sullery Muntari: “I will not answer wrong because you're a woman”

Sullery Muntari: “I will not answer wrong because you're a woman”
Sullery Muntari replied in a very lamentable a journalist. Photo: Twitter / @aragarduno9543 Seguir Seguir a @aragarduno9543

It seems that sexism refuses to go away football. A few days ago we saw as Napoli coach, often Mauritius, miserably he responded to a journalist, Now the turn has touched the player Deportivo Coruna, Sullery Muntari, Hand arrival Seedorf few weeks ago who said so little lucky to professional mass media in a press conference.

Deportivo is doing the worst season in its history in First and march in the penultimate position of the championship with 20 points, seven below salvation. A tension that does not justify Muntari's response to the journalist who made a totally respectful question that had nothing to do with what the player replied. To a question related coming on the ability of Clarence Seedorf as coach and poor baggage so far, Muntari's response was: “No answer I want you badly because you're a woman, then I will be polite”.

To the following question from a male journalist who asked him if he did not answer the question because his partner was a woman, Muntari did not quite settle the question, rather he rolled over when comparing women with children and helpless elderly.

“Not for nothing, It is normal. I say this because I know how to speak when I am with men and how I do when I'm with women. I speak as my wife, I have respect for him. Must be softer with women, children and elderly people. But if you're a man and you have my size, I'll jump on you” He completed a Muntari who stunned everyone present at the press conference, including translator, not believe the round pot player who said something that had little or nothing to do with what had been asked. Regrettable.

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