Sheriff Tiraspol, a different computer

Sheriff Tiraspol, a different computer
Sheriff Tiraspol Stadium. The stadium of a club without a country that enjoys the Champions League. PHOTO: Brand

The Sheriff Tiraspol is the cult team of the Champions League 2021-22. This exotic club vigilante named Old West, dominator of Moldovan football and located in a point of the world almost unnoticeable on maps, a niche has been made among the supporters of the top club competition in European football. We flew to a point between the border of Ukraine and Moldova to meet the Sheriff Tiraspol.

Who is FC Sheriff Tiraspol?

Almost on the border with Ukraine, we can find host this club, the city of Tiraspol. We cannot confuse this team with the F.C. Tiraspol, based in the same city rival team. Located in Transnistria, separatist territory politically linked to Russia but without any international recognition, is the clear dominator in recent years Divizia Nationala of, Moldovan top flight football, which reached after two consecutive promotions in his first two years of life. It was founded by the security company the Sheriff Ltd 4 April 1997, and this multinational remains the most important sponsor.

Sheriff Tiraspol Stadium
El Sheriff Stadium. PHOTO: FC Sheriff Tiraspol

In the year 2002 its complete sports complex was inaugurated Sheriff Sports Complex chaired by the Stadionul Sheriff with the capacity to 13.300 people. The complex covers a total of 40 hectares and has modern technological equipment, among which highlights a videomarcador with an upper surface 40 square meter. To the above, must be added, an adjoining small stadium 8000 seats, 8 fields of land for the formation of the younger, an enclosure covered football and residential complex.

Arrival to the Champions League in a big way

With just a few decades of life, it can boast countless titles. The first of these was the Copa Moldava achieved just one year after its founding, coinciding with the ascent to the maximum category. It was difficult for them to reach the group stage of the Champions League, which they finally got for editing 2021-22 even making the move to beat Real Madrid at the Bernabéu.

Sheriff Tiraspol
Sheriff Tiraspol won at the Bernabéu. PHOTO: Visionweb

The Sheriff Tiraspol by the way, was trained a few years ago by the Spanish coach Juan Ferrando. Surely very few of you knew the short but brilliant history of this particular team, set of the Moldovan league whose name, would fit into a team chaired by himself Chuck Norris.

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