The slowest player FIFA19 EA Sports shows you that you are wrong

The slowest player FIFA19 EA Sports shows you that you are wrong
According to EA Sports Kevin Ellison it is possibly the slowest player FIFA19. He shows them that is wrong. PHOTO: Twitter/ @KEVIN11ELLISON

It is possibly the slowest player FIFA19 however this is only on paper. Kelly Ellison, playerMorecambe He decided to show the video game company is very wrong and inadvertently has made viral mega network with more than one million hits. Football player who has only one 35 speed in the popular game, demonstrated in a video uploaded by the English club itself, what militates in the English fourth, your average, they have been playing having not seen.

Kevin Ellison shows that average in FIFA19 are made without knowing the players

The player starts the video in a bathtub and then show the locker room where they hung physical template data. In it the sprints are where Ellison, that to FIFA 19 It is one of the slowest players in the game and the world, runs 33,05 km per hour. Let that is anything but slow.

For example peers Fleming y Mandeville, are as EA one 72 rhythm. And according to data club run 31,82 Y 31,36 km respectively. Or what is the same, really they are much slower than Ellison. And if more bleeding, Leitch-Smith, forward Morecambe, have 78 speed in the game and runs two kilometers less in real life that Ellison, which only they put you a 35.

FIFA19 asks him to put more speed

Ellison has 39 plugs and, because this way you ask the game that puts more speed because of the injustice as demonstrated in their viral video, make him. And it does ending with a walker on a great end to a brutal claim.

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