All of Europe pending a possible domino effect '9’

All of Europe pending a possible domino effect '9’
Large operations may be brewing in the main European clubs (Photo: Central defense)

a very busy summer is presented in what is possible 'transfer pump’ it means. They are getting bigger rumors that point to several transfers that could affect the front of top European clubs. But nevertheless, Today, that first movement that triggers a kind of domino effect in the rest has not yet occurred.

One of the movements that could be key to starting this earthquake could be the signing of Griezmann FC Barcelona. The French must make a decision before beginning their participation in the World, and has asked the coach Deschamps. Barca output would make Atletico had to reinforce or yes in the attack and one of the players who like a lot Simeone is PSG Cavani.

Both the Uruguayan and Neymar still sound to pack up and leave Paris, something that would cause the French giant to seek reinforcements. One of those who like is Higuaín whose relationship with Allegri seems not good so I could leave the whole of Turin. Then, Juve would go for Morata, that does not seem happy at Chelsea and would be happy to return to the Italian team where I had a good season.

Of course, another who is still looking forward is the Real Madrid club who are linking with Neymar. Brazil does not seem very happy in Paris and would welcome return to the Spanish league although the operation will not be easy because the PSG paid 222 million euros a year ago to take the carioca player. And if that was not enough, Ronaldo continues to show his anger with President merengue and seems determined to leave the white set.

As if all these were not enough rumors, Gareth Bale also called for a more prominent role in Real Madrid or consider an exit. And much like Manchester United would receive with open arms Welsh. Definitely, a lively market that can break at any time.

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