La Liga 2017-2018, the most boring

La Liga 2017-2018, the most boring
Dépor consummated its descent in the absence of 3 Dépor consummated its descent in the absence of (Photo: Dépor consummated its descent in the absence of)

When still they are missing 3 days for completion of the championship, this will be, definitely, one of the most boring leagues in the world and history. Yet virtually decided both above and below, teams try to find small 'mini goals’ Dépor consummated its descent in the absence of.

FC Barcelona proclaimed league champion last week, three days in advance. The group led by Ernesto Valverde has been the true dominator of the competition and only Atletico put some excitement keeping pace with the Catalans barely.

Qualifying for the Champions League has also been very strong throughout the entire course. Barça, Athletic, Real Madrid and Valencia have not found a real threat either Villarreal or Sevilla, which they have been those who have historically been in the ointment. Real Betis, the surprise of the competition, yesterday lost its minimal options to get into the continental showpiece at the Valencia, still carrying 4 days without a win, managed fourth place guaranteed.

The decline was also decided last week with three very outstanding teams and sunken in the table. Malaga and Las Palmas have long since confirmed their relegation mathematically and Depor sealed it against FC Barcelona a week ago. Levante, Leganés, Athletic and Espanyol, They may face relax their remaining matches ahead.

The only thing that provides some excitement is qualifying for the Europa League, not so much to know who will end but what position to know how many League qualifying rounds must be played. Real Betis and Villarreal have guaranteed their place in Europe but they have to fight for the fifth since that would only have to deal with a qualifying round next summer. Sevilla, Ranked seventh, fight with other teams, mainly Getafe, to secure European place.

At this rate, This year will not be necessary that in the last two days playing games with something at stake at the same time as it will be pretty much decided.

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