Morales: “If Valencia want to sign me would say no because I'm Levante”

Morales: “If Valencia want to sign me would say no because I'm Levante”
José Luis Morales has always shown his love for Levante. Photo: LEVANTE UD

It is one of the fashion players in the league, while from different foci has come to raise that should go even selection. Play in the Levant, It is called José Luis Morales and despite being now one of the best players in the championship seems to make clear where he is and where he wants to be. So let him know Peter Morata in the interview he did for the Cadena Ser Valencia in its program when the presenter asked if he would play in Valencia. Morales was unequivocal in his response “no”.

“If I had not played in the Levant, in the end one always tries to overcome. I do not know if I could have gotten to play in Valencia, It is one of the largest in Spain, we must recognize and come to play in a big team in Spain is complicated and it had depended on where he had played and the level that would have shown. I'm not anti valencianista or anything but respect for the Levante could not play at Valencia when the other team in town”

Granota to the roundness of footballer, Pedro Morata insisted the question, He is arguing whether their answer was sincere or look good in the parish granota, well ask “Valencia paid if the termination clause that if Morales would tell the Valencia not Mestalla club because it is the Levant” what Madrid footballer responded very strongly: and.

“Is my thought, It is a straight answer. I would say no for sentimental reasons and for everything he has given me the Levant” Morales said at the insistence of Pedro Morata who seemed to believe that a player today can have a set of values. To the roundness of '11’ Levante, the interviewer ended abide sincere response of a footballer.

Morales has always shown his love for granota shirt, rejecting offers even better when the team fell to second and never has hidden in demonstrating their love and their fans Levante. Viral has done his photo in celebrating the second goal of the box against Valencia Orriols where you can see his arm with goosebumps.

Btw footballer, this summer on a forearm tattooed a picture of him with the shirt of Levante. And for those of Orriols is a luxury to have one of the best players of the tournament and also feel the genuine love and respect for the shield represents. A player from before, with values ​​before. So that surprises many people.

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