Five of the best players born in 1981

Cinco de los mejores jugadores nacidos en 1981

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Year 1981 It was a very busy year in Spain and the world in general, not only for being the year of birth but by who writes things that happened historically. It was the year of the coup d'etat of 23-F in Spain, The attack on the then US President Ronald Reagan, the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana, The discovery of the terrible disease of AIDS or launching the first personal PC by IBM. But 1981, It was also the year five of the best players of the last decade and even a little earlier. That's why, in Colgados we want to tell those who are five of the best players born in 1981.

1-Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Everyone knows Ibrahimovic. Considered one of the best players on the planet, It is one of those cracks capable of changing the course of the game with just his presence. As he says, It is like wine and gets better with age and remains a nightmare for opposing defenses and one of the most sought-after strikers despite overcome and thirty. nation one 10 March 1981

2-Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas has been the best goalkeeper in the last decade by the Italian Gianluigi Buffon. However, This has forgotten much of people as the goalkeeper is in the eye of the hurricane for a while. Author of anthological stops until recently, He has won everything: Champions, Liga, Copa, World Cup and Euro Cup. nation one 20 May 1981.

3-Samuel Eto'o

Cameroon arrived too young to Spain to play curiously in the ranks of Real Madrid. He went through the assigned Leganés and his triumph came just at the rival club that had brought him, El FC Barcelona. Ronaldinho formed with a front dream and lived Messi arrives in his early years. After his career he lost luster. He came to Cameroon 4 World but managed never get past the first round. He was born the same day as Ibrahimovic, he 10 March 1981.

Samuel Eto'o nació en 1981.
Samuel Eto'o was born in 1981.

4-Xabi Alonso

Basque has been part of the direction of play the best team in history, the Spain that was able to win 2 European Championships and 1 world. It started in the Real Sociedad and won his first Champions Liverpool. In the ranks of Real Madrid he has not fared not bad and has won all the titles to be won at club level and selection. He was born 25 November 1981.

5-David Villa

It is the top scorer in the history of the Spanish love to be one of the best Spanish strikers who have never set foot in a field. The Guaje, He has completed a successful career in all the clubs where he played after leaving the quarry Mareo, School talent Sporting Gijon. Despite going through the Zaragoza, Atletico Madrid or Barcelona, Villa, He reached its peak in Valencia where he completed the best years of his career. As Casillas and Xabi Alonso, He has won almost everything. nation one 3 from December to 1981.

Villa, el máximo goleador de la historia de la selección española.
Villa, the top scorer in the history of the Spanish selection.

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