Salvador Cabañas, an example of human improvement

Salvador Cabañas, an example of human improvement
on one side, you can see the scar from the shot in the head that Salvador Cabañas suffered at the hands of 'el JJ', a known mexican narco. PHOTO: The Herald of Mexico

Salvador Cabañas He was for several seasons the star of Mexican America and one of the best players in Paraguay. The World 2010, It was presented as a great opportunity in one of the best moments of his career but that opportunity, He never arrived. The 25 of January of 2010, Paraguayan striker's life would change forever.

Cabañas played in his country and Chile but reached its greatest relevance in Mexico, especially for its passage through America where he scored 66 goals in the four years he spent on the computer, until the incident in early that night 2010 He ended his playing career forever and nearly ended his life.

The bullet that almost ended the life of Salvador Cabañas

Player being America, he was in a local Mexico City when he was shot in the head after an altercation. The perpetrator of the shot was ‘The JJ’, a known Mexican criminal who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the fact. Apparently, all for a gambling issue.

The player was more in another neighborhood here. Own Salvador Cabañas He even affirmed that he had seen a divine entity and this one had told him that his time had not yet come. La bala, which is still lodged in his head, It caused him damage as memory loss or inability to perform some tasks previously performed smoothly.

Salvador Cabañas
Cottages lived his best moments in America. PHOTO: brand Clear

He came back to play football

but miraculously, the player recovered, and even not being the 100 % or as it was before, He got back to the playing fields. In January 2012, he joined 12 October, his hometown team and that at that time militated in the Third Division of the Paraguayan Football. Camping equipment, He got crowned champions and promoted to the Second Division of Paraguay. All a miracle, Cabañas got to play 14 matches, 12 as a starter and 2 substitute despite not getting any goals, He had already scored the most important goal of his life with his recovery.

But all is not rosy in this story as is obvious seeing the circumstances. The presence of Cabañas caused discrepancies between the coach and management time as the player, like is logic, I was not able to play football and his presence in the team was due more to marketing than anything else. In fact it was rumored that the games as a starter were due to pressures Directive.

Salvador Cabañas 12 October
Cabins returned to play in the 12 of October in Paraguay 2012. PHOTO: brand Clear

Cabañas left the team at the end rose to the pinnacle of Paraguayan soccer and whose return was speculation but for now, It has been ruled to be enrolled in the Paraguayan tournament despite continuous training with them.

Cabañas denies that he went bankrupt and lived in poverty after the shooting

It was said at the time that Salvador Cabañas went bankrupt and lost all his money. His wife left him and ended up in an exchange of accusations and complaints. The player accused his wife of keeping his money and she of not being in a suitable mental state after the shooting that almost ended his life and of being manipulated by his relatives.

It was said that Cabañas had returned to his parents' house and survived working in a small bakery owned by his relatives in which he carried out functions such as the distribution of bread at home. But nevertheless, in November 2021 in an interview with a well-known Mexican youtuber, Cabañas denied having run out of money and broke.

“What I didn't like was that it came out that I was working in a bakery and that I was very poor., that's a lie. I started a bakery for my parents so that they could have their own business” commented the former soccer player who now lives his life in Paraguay and who was born again that night from a long time ago 2010.

Cabañas survives making bread.
Cabins in the family bakery where he worked in Paraguay. PHOTO: Brand

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