Southampton is done with services “twin” Sergio Ramos

Southampton is done with services “twin” Sergio Ramos
A Sergio Ramos has turned out a twin in the new goalkeeper Southampton. Photo: Twitter

What they have in common an uncle Camas, Spain and one born in Fréjus, France? At first glance nothing but let's look at Real Madrid and captain of the Spanish national team player, Sergio Ramos and Mouez Hassen, French goalkeeper signed for Southampton to Nice this past winter market. And it is that both saved a tremendous resemblance to the point of looking like twins.

Ramos and Mouez Hassen keep such a big thing we look like twins. Photo:

But nevertheless, is not the first time that the center of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team will get a “clone”. Some time ago, the image of a security Camas traced to a well-known Spanish supermarket chain, She turned to social networks to the extent that the player himself took it with humor and rose tweet about it.

We ramos himself to humorously took his resemblance to this security guard. Other twin for Camas. Photo: Internet
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