That will be the World Super Clubs preparing FIFA

That will be the World Super Clubs preparing FIFA
FIFA prepares future changes in the World Club (Photo:

For years it has been speculating with a global league with the best clubs in Europe or even the world. The current 'Mundialito’ club not seem to be taking shape and begins to leak information about the idea that FIFA has especially Gianni Infantino.

According reveals the 'New York Times’ a powerful investor group would have already offered 25 billion gain control of this tournament but, moment, the offer has been rejected by the board members of FIFA waiting to have more information.

The idea of ​​the maximum establishment of world football is to create a tournament 24 clubs around the world (12 Europe, 6 from Southamerica, 2 from Africa, 2 Asia 2 North America) to be played each 4 years. Chosen to launch this first Super Mudial date would be summer 2021, Seizing that there will be no Euro or Copa America.

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