Past results for Confederations Cup

Past results for Confederations Cup
The Confederations Cup has a record of authentic luxury with Brazil with titles

The Confederation Cup has a record relatively short since its history dates back to 1992. The first three editions were held in Saudi Arabia until 1997, FIFA upgraded it, increased the number of participants to eight and renamed it the FIFA Confederations Cup, whose mission was to host the champions of each confederation in an event.

In 2001, in advance of the World Cup of Soccer 2002 It was organized by South Korea and Japan. Under this precedent, Germany also organized the one of the year 2005. The last edition was held in South Africa of the 14 al 28 June 2009, thus fixing its temporality every four seasons. The next edition will be held in Brazil in 2013, Therefore, it has become customary for the host country of a World Cup to host it a season earlier., in order to prepare the organization for possible deficiencies that may occur.

To understand the increasingly notable importance of the competition, just look at its history of champions.:

– Brazil, 3 occasions

– France, 2 occasions

– Argentina, 1 chance

– Mexico, 1 chance

– Denmark, 1 chance

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