The history of the FIFA World Cup

La historia de la Copa del Mundo de la FIFA

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FIFA is the acronym for the International Federation of Association Football is the institution that commands football federations globally. It was founded in Zurich, switzerland the 21 de mayo de 1904. He is a member of the IFAB, the body that is in charge of regulating or modifying the rules of the game.

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How is the history of the FIFA World Cup?

National associations including: Suecia, Swiss, España, Países Bajos, Francia, Denmark and Belgium joined forces at FIFA to promote association football and their trajectory translates into the Football World Cup, which already boasts more than 10 decades of global gatherings. This is the history of the World Cup:

  1. Uruguay – 1930: The first World Cup to be held was held in Uruguay in the 13 al 30 de julio de 1930. The host nation was proclaimed world champion.
  2. Italia – 1934: the next World Cup was held 4 years later in Italy, del 27 May to 10 de junio de 1934 and again the host country won the cup.
  3. France – 1938: the third world meeting was held in France from the 4 al 19 de junio de 1938, in which Italy made history when they repeated the triumph achieved in the previous edition.
  4. Brazil - 1950: the meeting was held after 12 years in Brazil, desde el 24 June to 16 de julio. Uruguay triumphed again in a dramatic surprise known as the "Maracanazo".
  5. Swiss - 1954: the fifth world cup was held from 16 June to 4 July in Switzerland, in which Federal Germany was champion. In a match known as "the miracle of Bern" this country won its first cup.
  6. Sweden - 1958: the sixth edition of the world cup was held from 8 al 29 June in Sweden. In this match Brazil won their first victory.
  7. Chile – 1962: this seventh edition was held from 30 May to 17 de junio. Brazil was crowned with its second title.
  8. England – 1966: the eighth edition was held in England between 11 y el 30 de junio de 1966, In this World Cup England was world champion for the first time.
  9. Mexico - 1970: was held from the 31 May to 21 de junio de 1970. Brazil lifted the cup for the third time.
  10. Federal Germany – 1974: was held again in Europe and in this match Germany added its second world cup.
  11. Argentina – 1978: was held for the first time in Argentina and won its first cup in this football match.
  12. Spain – 1982: this twelfth edition was held in Spain and there Italy achieved its third title.
  13. Mexico - 1986: It was the third consecutive cup that was held in a Spanish-speaking country.
  14. Italia – 1990: It was the fourteenth edition and in this match Federal Germany got its third cup.
  15. Estados Unidos – 1994: the fifteenth edition was held for the first time in the United States and in this Brazil won its fourth world cup.
  16. France – 1998: In this sixteenth edition, the host team was proclaimed champion, winning his first trophy.
  17. Republic of Korea / Japan - 2002: the seventeenth edition was held for the first time in Asia. Brazil won its fifth world cup.
  18. Germany - 2006: the match returned to Europe and in Italy it was champion for the fourth time.
  19. South Africa - 2010: for the first time it was held in Africa and Spain got its first cup in the history of the World Cups.
  20. Brazil - 2014: this edition number 20 was held in Brazil and Germany won its fourth cup.
  21. Russia – 2018: the edition number 21 was held in Russia and in this match France became champion for the second time after 20 años.
  22. Qatar – 2022: for the first time it was held in an Arab country and the country that won the cup was Argentina.

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