What rich countries are interested in football?

What rich countries are interested in football?

The thread excelente post I am performing my partner Koldo Sandoval on the reasons why Canada did not come to the World Cup in Brazil and the little problems that it generated in the North American country, We found a strange relationship between the richest states and higher quality of life and the world of football. And is that if we look at the list drawn up by the International Monetary Fund for 2013 about countries in the world ranked by their gross domestic product (Schedule) values ​​of purchasing power parity (PPA) per capita data are truly amazing.

As none of the 16 countries with the highest purchasing power in the world has won a World Cup as that in none of them football plays an important role beyond Holland, Sweden and to a lesser extent, Switzerland. It is true that many of the countries included in the list are tax havens and mostly small and sparsely populated, but the classification gives us cause to reflect.

And it seems that football and personal wealth goes quarreling. Chance? Perhaps partly Beech, but outside of it also may have some indications pointing a why. The first is the excessive Football. This is the most beautiful game in the world and a business that generates thousands of millions. But, For all or some? Rather it seems that for a few.

In football money is wasted and in many cases are national treasuries which will end up paying the dishes does not miss anyone. The world of football is corrupt in general and although not want to admit generates many expenses to states and low income, except for a small part of the sector.

source Wikipedia:

Pos. country Dollars
1 Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar 105.091
2 Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg 79.593
3 Singapore flag Singapore 61.567
4 Norway Flag Norway 56.663
5 Hong Kong flag Hong Kong 53.432
6 Flag of the United States.svg U.S 51.248
7 Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates 49.883
8 Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland 46.474
9 Flag of Australia.svg Australia 44.073
10 Flag of Canada.svg Glen 43.593
11 Flag of Austria.svg Austria 43.344
12 Irish flag Ireland 42.806
13 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 42.493
14 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden 42.037
15 Iceland flag Iceland 40.401
16 Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan 40.392
17 Flag of Germany.svg Germany 39.993
18 Kuwait flag Kuwait 39.861
19 Flag of Denmark Denmark 38.521
20 Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium 38.286
21 Japan's flag Japan 37.525
22 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK 37.501
23 Flag of Finland.svg Finland 37.012
24 Flag of France.svg France 35.941
25 Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea 33.580
26 Flag of Israel.svg Israel 33.282
27 Saudi Arabian flag Saudi Arabia 32.469
28 Bahamas flag Bahamas 32.397
29 New Zealand flag New Zealand 30.803
30 Flag of Spain.svg Spain 30.620

And it seems that the main victims are society in general and the particular. Have you ever thought perhaps they come from billionaires signings of great stars? ¿Of money from the clubs or their owners? How shirt sales or box office of their matches?

Football is a beautiful sport, like few that generates passions and emotions like no other possibly do. But, which is linked to poverty and middle class, perhaps because looking at him being livelihood to survive and make a fortune. The rich do not want to hear about it. They are smarter.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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