historical record of the Royal Society amazing at La Rosaleda

historical record of the Royal Society amazing at La Rosaleda
La Real Sociedad logró un récord histórico en la Liga en su visita a La Rosaleda (Photo: Diario Vasco)

Real Sociedad came with a streak of three consecutive victories at La Rosaleda to visit a Malaga that was already relegated to Second Division. further, Basque set, if another victory, I could start dreaming about trying to reach the seventh since it gives access to the Europa League.

But nevertheless, far from giving the expected level, txuri urdin team was defeated by a team not playing anything and, Most serious of all, He did not show the intensity that presupposes a team that had real possibilities of getting into Europe. The best example of this is the fact that the set albiazul has not committed any offense throughout the game.

There are two precedents approaching this record. The first is the season 2012-2013 when Depor committed a single offense in their match against the corresponding Valadolid Week 35. Meanwhile, The Granada was sanctioned with a single offense against Atletico Madrid in the season 2011-2012 on the seventh day.

In the last decade, no team in Europe's top leagues had finished a game without missing any point him against.

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