Analysis and consequences of UEFA's gross error in the Champions League draw

Analysis and consequences of UEFA's gross error in the Champions League draw


Over the last few years there has been a lot of 'run-run’ around the UEFA Champions League draws. And is that the so-called ‘hot balls’ They seemed to have made an appearance on some occasion, leading to confrontations loaded with morbid. However, what happened a few days ago is unprecedented in the top continental competition. A large error that led to the repetition of the draw.

Timeline of a historical error

An inadmissible mistake and, at once, we want to think that involuntary. Those in charge of carrying out the draw for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League 2021-2022 they made a mistake when inserting the balls in their respective drums. Specific, They put the Liverpool one when really the one that corresponded was Manchester United's. Posteriorly, when catching one of the balls of the bass drum 2 (in which should be the second classified of each group) the one of Bayern Munich appeared, who was the leader of yours.
The draw ended with the following pairings: Benfica - Real Madrid, Villarreal – Manchester City, Atlético de Madrid - Bayern Munich, Salzburg - Liverpool, Inter Milan - Ajax, Sporting Lisbon - Juventus, Chelsea – Lille y PSG – Manchester United. Everything was ready and in specialized portals such as
blog Betfair they began to make speculations about the crosses.
However, as soon as the draw is over, Atlético de Madrid filed a claim for what they considered an inadmissible error. He started by asking for explanations and ended up demanding the repetition of the draw. Something that most teams joined with small exceptions. One of them was starred by Real Madrid, that requested that the draw only be repeated from the moment the failure occurred. The reason? Probably, that Benfica was one of the weakest teams in the qualifiers.
Finally, the UEFA, attending to his own mistake, decided to repeat the draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League in full. The new and definitive pairings are: Chelsea - Lille (it was already given in the first draw), Atlético de Madrid - Manchester United, Benfica – Ajax, Villarreal - Juventus, Salzburg - Bayern Munich, Inter Milan - Liverpool, Sporting de Lisboa – Manchester City y PSG – Real Madrid.
Evidently, Real Madrid shouted to the sky when feeling harmed by a repetition of the draw that they consider clearly unfair. After all, PSG is a much bigger rival than Benfica. According to the analyzes of
you bet football today they are the favorites in the tie, but we will have to wait to see if Neymar Jr. arrive on time. Definitely, the trio that forms with Messi and Mbappé can unbalance any party.

The effects of the UEFA ruling

All the teams, both those injured and those benefited by the repetition of the draw (at least, first), they are upset with what happened. Something that can mean a new impulse for the clubs to break with UEFA and an additional push for the creation of the European Super League.. Veremos cómo acaba la historia.

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