Arsenio Iglesias, one of the best coaches in the history of the League

Arsenio Iglesias, one of the best coaches in the history of the League
Arsenio Iglesias, the man who made Deportivo de la Coruña great. PHOTO: Brand

Arsenio Iglesias was the head of the ‘Superdepor’, one of the best Spanish teams of the early 90. Most football fans but especially Deportivo de la Coruña fans, will remember that endearing white-haired man who held the reins of the best ‘Depor’ history. The well-known group of the Bebeto, Mauro Silva, Fran and Co.. We review the trajectory of one of the best coaches in the history of Spain, and one of those forgotten classic trainers with the arrival of the new century.

Arsenio Iglesias, ‘The Wizard of Arteixo’

Born in Arteixo, Galicia on a Christmas Eve day of 1930, He was a Deportivo de la Coruña player with whom he debuted this season 1951/52 scoring a goal nothing more and nothing less than Ramallets, one of the best Spanish goalkeepers in history. He also played in the Granada and Oviedo where he retired in 1965 scoring against Athletic Bilbao. Nevertheless, his playing career was not half so remarkable that he completed coaching.

Thus, like is logic, what most remember most is not his playing career but as coach. Five years after hanging up his boots, He took the reins precisely the Depor, to which he ascended to First Division 1970. Then he coached for four seasons Hercules from 1973 until 1977. He got a promotion to First and the best classification of the Alicante team in the highest category of Spanish football, leaving nothing more and nothing less than 5th. In 1978 He also reached the First Division Zaragoza, but its moment of maximum splendor and would arrive at full maturity, when in 1990 He got his last ascent to First, again with Deportivo Coruna.

The Superdepor, the work of Arsenio Iglesias

Between 1990 Y 1995, directed and created the mythical ‘Superdepor’. Laying the foundations of a set in early XXI century, It would be one of the cockerels in Europe. What a shame to see their situation during the second decade of the century even stepping on the Second B, but that's another story. In those early years of the decade of the 90, with players like Bebeto, Mauro Silva, Fran, Claudio Barragan, Aldana etc, the ‘Superdepor’ managed to put the world of football on its feet and was the seed of the subsequent Deportivo that would win the League and walk through the Champions League hand in hand with another old Spanish football fox like Javier Irureta.

Arsenio Iglesias coaches of the years 90
The legendary Arsenio Iglesias converted to Depor in a big with its SuperDepor. Endearing and in years, It is one of the coaches 90. Definitely. PHOTO: @ MundoDeportivo-Web

During this stage, he managed to embarrass the dominance of the two big and be an alternative to the title, to the point of being runner League, that terrible night where Djukic missed the penalty that made the Galician team champion in the last minute and gave the Bounce League to Johan Cruyff's Barça.

He came to train Real Madrid in 1996

Arsenio Iglesias left acclaimed by the fans of ‘Depor’ and he did it by winning the first official title in the history of the Galician club. It was in 1995, in that Copa del Rey against Valencia that was played in two days by a flood and left his position after winning it. It was precisely against Valencia, the rival who had taken them a chance to be league champions a year earlier.

In 1996 he moved to Real Madrid, where he spent half a season replacing Valdano. There put the climax to his career and to 66 years retired from the bench. Later he served as a commentator for various television platforms such as A3 in the Monday games during the late 90 to fall into oblivion in the new century, though certainly not, in the heart of the deportivistas, who will always remember that man with gray hair and a folksy and affable appearance who made them great, very big.

Arsenio Iglesias, He died on 5 May 2023 to the 92 years but his legacy in Spanish football will remain forever.


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