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Do you know Ross Barkley?

Do you know Ross Barkley?
Barkley wants to endorse his great season in the World.

Ross Barkley is definitely the player of the moment in the Premier. The arrival of Roberto Martinez Everton Barkley has made it, their 19 years, Star Goodison Park. After the departure of Fellaini Moyes and the United, no one expected the "toffees" at the top of the Premier but so far Everton have not lost. One of those responsible for the smooth running of the team is Ross Barkley.

Ross Barkley would debut with Everton in the Premier League 16 years, at that time he was regarded as the wunderkind of English football. An untimely injury in a match England Under-19, he broke into three knee in a fortuitous collision with teammate Andre Wisdom, Currently Liverpool player and captain of the Under-21 English. This injury delayed his debut with Everton until the summer of 2011. With only 13 parties in 2 seasons in the first team, Barkley proved in Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday last season Historic showing his talent, especially in the latter. It was in Sheffield where he scored his first goal as a professional in the First Division, a total of 4.


Ross Barkley played last season at Leeds United.
Ross Barkley played last season at Leeds United.

Goodison Park had been claiming in, unsuccessfully, more opportunities for Ross but just gave Moyes ball in the last 3 years. The good work of Moyes in front of the "toffees" for many seasons had buried the debate on Ross but after the departure of the United Scottish, along with Fellaini playing in the same position, They have opened the doors of the talented playmaker English. Plus the arrival of Roberto Martinez, a brave coach and offensive football bet, He has paved landing in Ross 11 Initial Everton. Ross has answered from the first game to the confidence of his coach, He scored the first goal of the season for the "toffees" against Norwich. Barkley is certainly feeling the Premier for his play and his maturity on the field. Fast and with a great vision, It is a great driver of the ball and the play of his team. further, It has a great shot from outside the box, talented and delivery, not give a ball lost.

Despite their 19 years, It is a veteran, not only for its premature contact with a serious injury. Also his rise to fame at a young age and as it has been, show that Ross is special. Cahill, Former Everton and now at Chelsea, Barkley defines as "the most talented player I've ever worked with," and his trainer, Roberto Martinez has publicly praised his pupil by demonstrating maturity on and off the field.

Ross Barkley has not had an easy childhood. It seems that the relationship with his father, Peter Effanga, It is completely broken since he was a child. As his Nigerian father was offered to play with the selection of Nigeria, something that Ross resigned. Barkley actually is the surname of his mother. He grew up in the university district of Liverpool, Wavertree and won as student Liverpool Echo Cup in 2008 one Anfield, captaining his school and with two goals in the final. Everton noticed him and began his career as a footballer.

Hobby "Toffe" has high hopes for his new talent and his team. The arrival of Roberto Martinez and Barry signings, Lukaku of Delofeu, with a strong base Jevalic, Howard, Baines, Jagielka and Pienaar have raised the level of a competitive squad in recent seasons. Everton, European places and march unbeaten. The best league in the world has at Everton as one of the teams to take into account this course, and Barkley be a cornerstone. Contract to 2016, “The Diamond” (the diamond), as the British press calls, You have options to go to Brazil and appears to be on all agendas of the big European clubs next summer.

The Spanish Roberto Martinez Everton directs with a firm hand.
The Spanish Roberto Martinez Everton directs with a firm hand.

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