Did you know Marco Pappa?

Did you know Marco Pappa?

With the start of the new MLS season, the eyes of many scouts focus in this league plagued by big-name players and far from their best glories as Villa or Lampard among others, but also, full of unknown players to the general public, multiple places around the world wanting to gain a place in the world of football. One of them is Marco Pappa.

Marco Pablo Pappa, is a player born in Guatemala in 1987 with an already extensive experience in the US where soccer season after season has been consolidated as one of the best foreign players in the football league. technical midfielder, it may fall to both bands and an interesting lefty leg, He reached the MLS 2008 to play in Chicago Fire.

In the city of skyscrapers it was up 2012 where he left among other beads, the best goal of the MLS 2010. In the summer of 2012, He made the leap to Europe to play in Dutch football shirt Herenveen defending at that time led an illustrious as Marco Van Basten.

Marco Pappa did not have a good experience in Dutch football.
Marco Pappa did not have a good experience in Dutch football.

But nevertheless, her experience in Europe was not good and just played in his stay at the Dutch club in which the same player as told in interviews, neither coach nor greeted him pretty much knew who was. After two seasons in white, It was recovered by Seattle Sounders soccer to return to US.

On a team full of experienced people in Europe and Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey, Guatemala seems to have rediscovered his football. What we will see in Europe?, Quality has to play despite his bad experience in the Netherlands and as always, in Colgados we will look at its evolution.

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