Córdoba player sells his official tracksuit by Wallapop

Córdoba player sells his official tracksuit by Wallapop
This is how Esteve Monterde announced the Córdoba official tracksuit jacket that he sold at Wallapop. Photo: Sports world.

When it seems that everything is seen in this world of football always comes news of those that leave you dumbfounded. As it might be the case that a player of a professional team jacket sells official tracksuit of the club 35 known application euros in the buy / sell “Wallapop”. But everything has its history. The particular player is one of the young people who have risen from the subsidiary to the first team this year, Stephen Monterde.

The kid who has slowly been gaining minutes with the first team in the league Cordoba 123, he lost part of his tracksuit so they had to give a new. When he found the missing part decided to sell the new one that was unused. He puts up for sale tracksuit jacket Wallapop first team where he asked 35 euros for the garment: “Brand new with label, It comes with bag and all”.

The news as, She turned to social networks and the kid had to go ask for forgiveness on the official Twitter of the club with a video leaving the thing in a most curious story.

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