Coruxo player dies after falling off a cliff in Malta

Coruxo player dies after falling off a cliff in Malta
Fabio Soto died at Coruxo 17 years in Malta. Photo: Capture / Twitter Coruxo

No doubt these are the kind of news we would like never to. Fabio Soto, Coruxo FC footballer youth, Galician club of Second Division B, He died after falling off a cliff while on holiday on the island of Malta as reported by the club itself Galician.

copse, I joined the National Youth of Coruxo and had only 17 years. The young man disappeared on 19:20 yesterday and despite the authorities of Malta, little could be done to avoid the fateful fact. “Fabio Soto died, National Youth player. While on vacation with some friends on the island Delimara, Malta. After falling off a cliff going directly to the sea”, Coruxo said in its official statement.

“It was around 8.00 when members of the Armed Forces of Malta informed the police who had found the body of Fabio Soto. The police investigation is underway with the judicial authorities in Malta. Rest in peace Fabio… Always at the heart of all that we've known”, Coruxo ended with the sad news that gave this terrible news.

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