How much does an arbitrator?

How much does an arbitrator?

How much does an arbitrator? That is one of the questions that a football fan asks the most. Hanging by the Football gives the answer for those who do not know: a good salary for not being professionals. In Spain, pending confirmation of an increase in 25% that are currently renegotiating with the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the situation is as follows.

As a monthly fixed, a referee is carried in the First Division 10.000 gross euros. To this amount we must add the following:

  • 3.500 gross euros per meeting. In the case of attendees they charge 1.440 euros per game and 1.435 the fourth official.
  • 53 euros of diet per day.
  • In terms of publicity, the arbitration collective also perceives 12.000 euros per year while. If the collegiate travels in his own vehicle, he receives 0,19 euros per kilometer, the most common case being travel by plane and first class.

Total, an average of 18.000 monthly euros, and almost 200.000 euros at the end of the year. Regarding the referees in the Second Division, partially reduce their emoluments, staying in 1.512 euros per referee and match and 682 euros for attendees.

Only under the Premier

Spanish referees are the best paid in Europe just behind the Premier League, where the group is professionalized. Italy is the only European example that comes close to the Spanish case with 150.000 euros per year.

In the German Bundesliga and the Portuguese league, only the directed match is paid. Not so in France where the referees add a fixed around the 73.000 annual euros, about four times less than in Spain.

Of the total of twenty referees in the First Division, only Velasco Carballo Y Mateu Lahoz exclusively engage in professional arbitration. The rest of the members add other activities to their charge.

Ah, in everything international meetings are excluded.

Spain Most referees have their own professions outside of refereeing. Velasco Carballo O Mateu Lahoz are dedicated exclusively to refereeing. First Division referees pocket 10.000 fixed gross euros a month, plus3.438 by party –Generally they arbitrate two a month-, in addition to allowances and travel expenses. Must be added12.000 euros per year for advertising. Linemen win 1.440 euros in First, while the Second collegiate pocketed 1.512 by party and the assistants 682 euros.
Italy The salary of the arbitrators of the A series vary depending on experience and whether they are international or not. A) Yes, world famous referees like Rizzoli O Tagliavento can earn about a year 150.000 gross euros each season, since they charge close to 80.000 fixed euros plus 4.000 euros per game in First. In Second he goes down to 1.500 euros.But nevertheless, the most inexperienced of the A series they get to charge half. They also vary with respect to errors, ie productivity. A wrong referee is suspended, being able to spend several months in the fridge.
England The English referees are professionals totally. As the Premier works like a company apart, theFederation It is not the one who pays the referees. Their emoluments are close to 20.000 pounds per month, that is to say, some 23.600 euros per month.
Germany Referees are not professionalized in the Bundesliga. They must have their own job and receive money like “compensation” for each encounter that they whistle. They were recently investigated for misreporting their fees.
Portugal The Portuguese collegiate charge a 1.000 euros per month per meeting, but they run four a month, including the cup. Some are only dedicated to arbitration activity.
France The monthly fixed for French collegiate is 2.750 gross euros, to which should be added 2.430 euros per gamein concept of “compensation”. Total, some 73.000 gross euros per year, more of 6.000 a month.
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