Should they create 18 a parallel league teams Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Should they create 18 a parallel league teams Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Horror. Amazement. Scandal. What you want and more. It was Muñiz Fernández (the most prone, the one that his father was the founder of a Madrid club) but it could have been any other. It was a full-blown robbery other. It was an expulsion that he did not want to undertake when a second yellow card to Sergio Ramos was blatant in the first half. It was a foul in attack that became a penalty due to the work and grace of the referee already in injury time.

It could have been more, as in his day was the extra time added by this same character (it doesn't deserve another minute to be in arbitration) at the Camp Nou as long as Barcelona won at all costs after Sevilla clearly overturned a goal. Could, can and can be more if someone does not end all this montage and all this lie.

If Madrid and Barcelona are the strongest, if they both rob each other's money 18 at the cost of getting stronger they, if both of them have arbitration advantages, why go on. Better stop and create a parallel league. One with 18 teams, without the big two. All on equal terms. Then they, to other side. Let them steal, who create their own press, keep sucking her what would Maradona say. Enough already, we have to stop the movie. It's bad very bad. It is wasting time. Everyone knows the end and the characters are very seen.

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