Differences of modern football

Once again, Throughout the week we have lived the horrendous of what the media can become before a simple soccer game of a soccer league, transformed into mediocre by the same communicators. Today I want to be critical and I will bring a recurring monothem from a few years ago. The eruption in foot ball sport of unscrupulous capitalist gentlemen, that what they are contributing to this sport is to adulterate the antithesis of what a sport intends, fight, fellowship, competition, fun, entertainment, fair play, rules, etc.

Yesterday evening, those who could see at home sitting in front of the television (de pago) and those who were lucky enough to witness live the match of the eighth round of the Liga BBVA between Levante UD and Real Madrid, could see how erratic it can be. Confuse a group of soccer players that form a team based on millions of euros and another , where as in any company, your maximum salary is conditioned by an agreement. On the terrain, a powerful team with the ability to destroy, capable of intimidating with his mere presence whoever gets in the way; in short a team from another galaxy. On the other side, a very modest team, in order not to destroy it, keep your pride and don't be intimidated, in short an earthly team.

Everything that was seen yesterday on a soccer field, It is the evil that is suffering from our beautiful sport; however, at the same time it was possible to witness the greatness of this sport. Some players without a media name and some homegrown players mixed among the largest and best paid stood out one over the other, demonstrating that as one of the phrases says "What has a price, little is worth ". This same week an article appeared that for your interest it is well to remember: https://colgadosporelfutbol.com/real-madrid-filosofia-equivocada/ football cannot be turned into pure and simple merchandising.

From yesterday's meeting, after a few hours and in the reflection of the cooling, only a "bitter victory" and a "sweet defeat" remain in the retinas; depending on who it is for. The assistants of both parties, they all left with a bitter taste; despite the fact that in the first moments the illusion and the joy of winning was immense. Almighty fans are not happy, There are many favorable results in the last minute and that begins to alter the spirits of a fans tired of seeing how their team is a group of millionaires in what they are most interested in is the sale of a shirt and an underpants spot.

It seems that the managers of the powerful clubs, football is the least of it because at the end of the day you will always be at the top of the ranking. Unpresentable the competition, where a football club that in the last five years has received more than 600 million euros for television rights, against a team that plays in the same category whose squad has been made with only 0,20 millions of euros. With my humble opinion, nobody could leave the Ciutat de Valencia happy.

Sergio Barres

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