Barcelona Neymar tab for a 50 millions of euros

Barcelona Neymar tab for a 50 millions of euros
Barcelona Neymar tab for a 28 millions of euros

Neymar signs for Barcelona. The soap opera is over and the Brazilian player will be a Blaugrana player next Monday. “I'm going… but I'll come back!”. Neymar exercised on Saturday with a camera. He filmed every moment of his last training session with Santos. Then, gave him to write those words in the team locker room. A goodbye. An end. And a beginning. Because the talented Brazilian attacker has set course for Barcelona.

After more than two years behind him, the Barça club has confirmed tonight that the 'soap opera’ Neymar has finished. Through Barça's official Twitter account, the player has been welcomed and it has been confirmed that he will play the next five seasons at Barça.

further, the player himself has ended the doubts by confirming the news through a message through the social network Instagram. “I won't last until Monday… my family already knows my decision: on Monday I sign with Barcelona”. The Brazilian has also had words of affection for Santos fans.

The laborious purchase operation, captained by the director of Soccer Raül Sanllehí is summarized as follows: the azulgrana club will pay Santos a figure that will be around 28 millions of euros, although the total amount will not fall below 50 millions of euros. Do not forget that the Brazilian entity has the 55% of your sports rights, and the rest are divided between two investment groups, DIS (40%) y TEISA (5%). They are joined by two friendly matches, one in Barcelona and one in Sao Paulo.

Neymar will sign for the next five seasons and will enhance the Barça attack. Your pair with Messi can become one of the most lethal on the football planet. Although that will be another story. Before, we will have to put the blue and scarlet shirt on the new idol. And for that it takes a little.

The player plans to play this Sunday's game against Flamengo, the first of the Brazilian championship and the last as a member of Santos, since then he will head to the Confederations Cup with Brazil. Hence his gestures, by way of farewell.

The negotiation for Neymar has been one of the most laborious of Barça in recent years. To sign this scorer from 21 years, has spent two years sewing his recruitment as a crochet. Taking care of every stitch, every move, so that the resulting garment is homogeneous. In fact, advancement 10 million euros to ensure a preferential option for hiring and be compensated with 40 million euros as a penalty.

Saturday, things that happen, the press conference of Jordi Roura coincided at the Camp Nou with the fans who visit the facilities. Some did not hesitate to ask journalists what was known about Neymar, if he had decided between Barcelona or Real Madrid after Santos' announcement that he agreed to transfer him one year before his contract expires. The answer is near. It's more, just need to be official.

Neymar is a Barcelona player now officially.
Neymar is a Barcelona player now officially.
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