Punishment of “Cachirules” Mexico deprived of winning the World 1990

Punishment of “Cachirules” Mexico deprived of winning the World 1990

Mexico is a classic of the World Cup, especially in recent editions. Since 1986, year in which the World Cup was held in the Aztec country, Mexicans have only missed one edition, of 1990, and it was not for sporting reasons. History “cachirules punishment”, He left the Mexican team at that time commanded Hugo Sánchez, outside the Italian event. What is that?, what happened?. Keep reading.

“cachirulo”, was a Hall of Famer who appeared in Mexican television back in the early 70. It was an adult, actor Enrique Alonso, He is masquerading and acted as a child and was dedicated to making happy succeeding generations from Mexico. In 1988, a phase of qualifying for the World Youth 1989, it was discovered that four players exceeded the legal age to participate in this phase, let none of those four was not approached youth. That's why the term “Cachirules”, because like the endearing Actor,They pretended to have much less age that really had. In Mexico to practice casting elderly people in lower competitions is called do “one Cachirulo”.

Cachirules Mexico
The four of them “Cachirules” of that Mexican youth team.

Total the World 1989 He was to be held in Saudi Arabia and Mexico had to play a playoff in Guatemala in April 1988. FIFA, set in 20 the maximum age years and warned that it would be inflexible with the country to submit fraudulent players age, after it had almost become a habit to present more veteran players than playing, especially in African combined (fact that still happens in the XXI century).

In this eliminator, Mexico won all his matches to Guyana and Guatemala eliminating and earned his way to the semifinals of qualifying from CONCACAF. The bad came when a Mexican journalist, He discovered in a yearbook published by the Mexican Football Federation itself, the age of certain players did not agree with the application submitted to the FIFA. Let aside from cheating, They had made a real botch, providing the data themselves to get caught them.

The news, media reached dyes and reached the ears of the Federation of Guatemala which quickly denounced the Mexican and claimed CONCACAF. Verification that Mexico had falsified the ages of these players, They were quickly excluded from the tie and punished. The heads rolled and there were several Mexican directors who were disqualified for life. Guatemala indeed agreed to the next round but failed to qualify for the World. The thing was not there and the action “Cachirules” He went much further.

The issue as obviously could not cover.
The issue as obviously could not cover.

FIFA not only endorsed the two-year ban imposed on Mexican youth teams but extended it to any combination of the Aztec country, including as Olympic selection and absolute. this sanction, He prevented the Mexicans participate in the Olympic Games in Seoul 1988 which were already qualified and participation in the World 1990, held in Italy. The world football governing body was inflexible and deprived a generation of hobnobbing among the largest. The issue of “Cachirules” It cost him dearly Mexico.

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