February 27, 2021
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Alberto Llopis

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    Alvaro Lamela (Memoirs of a VHS tape)

    shame. A real shame. The love I have for Castellón is a summer romance and he grabbed me to think that there will be light, but now I see very dark.

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    Enrique Ayúcar

    And eye, I am the first displeased with this situation, but the “hobby” You can not go scot. Not sell what no. For there is none

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    Enrique Ayúcar

    Neither the metio Castellón 8.000 people before the Cordoba B (even though the price of tickets was ridiculous), nor displaced nearly 1.000 people Córdoba. The club is also abandoned by his hobby with an average audience of around 1.000. Throw over Barcelona and Madrid. It hurt, But that is the reality.

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      David Gual

      I think I did not invent anything
      But we go, If you think you few who came to Castalia and Cordoba in a promotion to 2ªB not just our opinion

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        Enrique Ayúcar

        And, I remember what they said chronicles and also what we said when we were leaving many castalia. There had not 8.000 No way, Castalia is that in Half serious capacity and there was half full or approaching. I personally do decepecionó the flow because the prices were very cheap and what was at stake was much. And Cordoba went about 300, 400 It is very generous.


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