CD Castellón, a historic seriously endangered

CD Castellón, a historic seriously endangered

Castellón was one of the classics of the Spanish League for much of the 80 and early 90. With 11 seasons in the First Division and 41 Second Division, It is currently in the hells of Spanish football, even lower than running a serious risk of disappearing.

Gone are those years where teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Atletico Madrid had to go to fight copper on the lawn of the stadium flirty Castalia and that final Cup Generalissimo (Today King Cup) disputed against Athletic Bilbao 1973. With a completely opposite path to that of the Villarreal in the last decades where you yellow set had been a team of Third and Second B to the 90, Albinegros see their provincial rival the dethroned as the main equipment of this region of Valencia.

Castellón played the Cup final against Athletic in the old Manzanares.
Castellón played the Cup final against Athletic in the old Manzanares.

You want to know which was the Castellón and why they have come to this situation?. No one better than a partner and suffering of the club “Orellut” to tell. David Gual, irreducible one of those who follow the club side explains how a history of Spanish football lives in agony and uncertainty his days.


To understand the current situation of the CD Castellon must go back to 2005. Manu Busto's goal against Zamora gives rise to 2nd craved after 11 years in the hell of 2ªB (We not then know what is the real hell). The owner even then, Toni Bonet, He sold its majority stake to Castellnou 2005, a society whose leading representatives were José Manuel García Osuna, FIFA representative players, Antonio Blasco, former president of Levante and "great manager" economic and José Laparra, a Valencian businessman enamoradizo. All with the approval of the institutions.

The first year in 2nd division suffered a lot (almost all year it is colistas) but the category was saved thanks largely to the almost 10.000 partners are then able. The albinegra seed had germinated and how. The following years passed between decent 2nd seasons and two very good. In the 2007/08 (5th ranked) he had come to play the playoff for promotion to 1st division with the current rules for promotion.

It is at that point where the decisive turning point occurs in the course of the future of the entity. Castellnou 2005 dismantles largely template causing a resounding failure sports ending with the demotion, CD Castellón again returned to 2ªB.

In 2ªB the problems do not stop and start sports economic problems also arise, Treasury debts, Social Security, and payroll players. The fans found as a "model of economic management" was going to be a wreck. The team finished in 10th place but the debt of € 300,000 with players causes the administrative relegation to Division 3.

Castellón 3rd down to a much lower debt to other clubs.
Castellón 3rd down to a much lower debt to other clubs.

It is noteworthy that at the time the Generalitat Valenciana had already allocated aids / grants for other sporting clubs of Valencia for around 400 € million, while the CD Castellón € 300,000 drops, true reflection of the neglect and oblivion that has plunged the entity.

He began an ordeal for the fourth division of the Spanish football which is still mired. After a disastrous first season with different input and output boards entity reaches new owners, Manolo García and David Cruz. At the same time, the decision and the courage of a few small shareholders, feeling albinegro, He led them to denounce the previous managers to justice.

The complaint was accepted and today already have more than twenty defendants in the case, including the greatest exponents of Castellnou 2005. But this trial is anticipated long, the fans expected to CD Castellón still alive in its resolution and to pay the blame for the current situation.

In his first season and having even made a template to time and time to start the competition reaches the playoff for promotion. CD Castellón lost in the 1st B tie against Córdoba, but he gets to 8.000 people in Castalia in the first leg and travels to Cordoba nearly a thousand fans. It seems again that albinegra seed is not buried yet the whole.

And it is true that these new owners extend the complaint Sentiment albinegro and remade the accounts of the entity, outcropping over debt 7 € million, which tackles the Company to the bankruptcy in which it is currently. Work and sports management, That's what they offered the new leadership, little financial muscle, but still it satisfied if the fans were given sports results.

For the current season, There was only one goal, reach playoff climb and climb but the reality is that after 3 coaches and almost 40 Castellón CD players are playing the descent Preferred. Clearly sports management, endorsement of the current leaders, It has been a failure, because confidence in them has faded.

Castellón struggle not to go down to Regional Preferred.
Castellón struggle not to go down to Regional Preferred.

And that is the reality, a club with a debt 7 € million, in bankruptcy, risking relegation to Regional Preferred and fewer fans flocking to Castalia. Institutions forgotten, forgotten the media and with 2.000 crazy fans who still believe and feel this club as their own. The only goal right now is to get salvation, but still getting it, the company urgently needs money, either as investors or new owners, but the disappearance will be the only real end.


David Gual - tier amateur

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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  1. And eye, I am the first displeased with this situation, but the “hobby” You can not go scot. Not sell what no. For there is none

  2. Neither the metio Castellón 8.000 people before the Cordoba B (even though the price of tickets was ridiculous), nor displaced nearly 1.000 people Córdoba. The club is also abandoned by his hobby with an average audience of around 1.000. Throw over Barcelona and Madrid. It hurt, But that is the reality.

      1. And, I remember what they said chronicles and also what we said when we were leaving many castalia. There had not 8.000 No way, Castalia is that in Half serious capacity and there was half full or approaching. I personally do decepecionó the flow because the prices were very cheap and what was at stake was much. And Cordoba went about 300, 400 It is very generous.

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