Italian football vindicates itself in European competitions

Italian football vindicates itself in European competitions
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The italian soccer is more fashionable than ever. This feeling is confirmed if one observes how the three international competitions of the old continent are being resolved.: Champions League, Europa League Y Conference League. The three are waiting to play the semifinals and, taking a global picture, it can be seen that five of the twelve semifinalists are in Serie A: Inter de Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, AS Roma y Fiorentina. No other country has achieved the same this season.

Each of these teams is three games away from winning an international title and from here anything can happen. In direct elimination tournaments such as those mentioned, you can go from being one of the surprises to one of the favorites in a matter of minutes. For that reason, if you want to see which teams start with more options, you can consult the Oddschecker football odds comparator that is in charge of analyzing and making a comparison of the victory options of the different clubs in a match or championship.

A lombard in the great final of the Champions League

In the Champions League, considered the most prestigious club competition in the world, there will be a representative of Lombardy in the grand final to be held in Istanbul. Luck determined that the Italians were on one side of the painting; one of the semifinals will be the one that faces the Inter de Milan y al AC Milan in a citizen duel in which sparks will surely fly. The 'Nerazzurri' or the 'Rossoneri' will be just ninety minutes away from taking 'la Orejona' to the San Siro stadium.

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On the other side of the table, two of the most fit soccer powers on the Continent stand out. On the one hand, there is the Manchester City, last Premier League winner, with the insatiable scorer Erling Haaland in their ranks. For the other, a Real Madrid who seeks to defend the title and who has already shown on more than one occasion that his fetish competition is the one that is disputed with the crashed ball. Both start as the great favorites, by potential and trajectory, but can't pass sentence yet.

Italian final in the Europa League?

In the Europa League, unlike the Champions League, yes you could see an ending with Italian flavor. The AS Roma José Mourinho wants to continue making history and, after winning the Conference League last year in its first edition, wants to do the same with the second European competition. Until now, He has been overcoming qualifying rounds with some solvency and showing that he knows how to play this type of competition. Now the faces will be seen against the Bayer Leverkusen, one of the revelations of the Bundesliga.

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On the other side of the painting is the Juventus. Trying to get away from extra-sports and office problems, the team has focused on what happens on the green. They already occupy places in the highest European competition in Serie A and in the international tournament they have just beaten Sporting Lisbon. While they go for the fourth Europa League in their history, they will face the team that has lifted this trophy the most times: the Sevilla, with a total of six occasions. Who will take the pulse?

The flower, the representative in the Conference League

This season is celebrated second edition of the Conference League, the third international club championship organized by UEFA. If the first was for those from the Italian capital, the second can travel to Florence. The historic violas have not shined for a long time, neither nationally nor internationally, and this is a luxurious opportunity that is presented to them to return to the path of titles. In front they will have Basel Swiss, another of the traditional teams that are usually seen on the front line.

But the great challenge for Fiorentina will be, undoubtedly, win in the grand finale. by potential, They have many options to sneak into the very final, where one of two of the clubs will await you that without being first swords have been doing a good job for some time. One of them is the AZ Alkmaar, de la Eredivisie Nederlandesa; while the other is West Ham, one of the historic teams in the Premier League and with one of the most valuable squads in the entire competition.

The big question is: Will Italy achieve a historic triple crown?

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