Is the future of Valencia presented black?

Is the future of Valencia presented black?
The future of Valencia seems to appear black. in image, Anil Murthy is photographed with a Valencia cake in a pose that the fans of the club did not like very much. PHOTO: Twitter

He future of Valencia is at stake. With the team out of European competitions and with another disastrous season following the line of lights and shadows of the last five years, the Mestalla club faces a more than black economic future, social and sports. And it seems that Peter Lim has insisted on destroying even more a group historically with a tendency to catch fire on his own

The future of Valencia at an economic level

The numbers do not add up to the Singaporean owner of Valencia who has not reduced the debt and has not improved the situation of the club at all since his arrival. The works of the new Mestalla continue in the same stalemate as in 2009 when due to lack of liquidity they were suspended and the only relevant thing that has happened in them since then is the construction of cat flats so that the cats that abound in the increasingly ruinous works in a state of degradation, can enter and exit it.

The club was doomed to a bankruptcy but the arrival of Peter Lim appeased this possibility, who knows if for a worse end years later. To the other set of the city, The uprising, This option did not go bad at all to the point of growing in the last decade almost 10 times more than the others 100 years of its history and end up having a modernized and new stadium before its neighbor. But perhaps for the pride of the average Valencian player, this option was not viable and surviving between hardships and with players with a restricted salary limit was not for them. After 6 years with Lim, maybe the remedy will end up being worse than the disease.

The constant sports nonsense

On a sporting level it seems that Lim is determined to knock the club down. During his management the club has entered the Champions League the same times that it has been out of Europe and some season even, He was flirting more with the lower part than the upper part. With the one from Singapore, Valencia has become a machine to destroy coaches. But if it seemed that in the 2019-20 has been crowned in nonsense, it seems that for the 20-21 wants to beat all the records so far.

In an ego attack Lim and his subordinate Anil Murthy, they loaded the champion project that Marcelino and Mateu Alemany had created after finding a destroyed club. They dynamited him again to end up bringing Celades and end up Voro doing one more time (and there are a few) of Lord Wolf. Although this time he could not do much more for a team that finished almost in the middle of the table.

Planning the 2020-21 starts strong with Lim selling and giving away to half staff as in the case of Coquelin and the flagship and captain of the club, Dani Parejo, to whom without any shame he has ended up giving away to a rival and neighboring club, that seems to be overtaking those of Mestalla on the right. And they will not be the only ones. The non-qualification for Europe and the Covid-19 crisis will do a lot of damage to the club's already battered coffers.

On a social level the future of Valencia it's still very dark. With Lim's daughter making it clear that “the club is theirs and for that reason they do what they think is convenient with it” fans are beginning to look with concern at the abyss that their love club is pushing into. We'll see where everything is.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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