Parma, another mythical the edge of hell

Parma, another mythical the edge of hell

Parma stood out in the 90 when he made his debut in Serie A in 1990 and be one of the pioneers of Italian football getting national and European titles. He also stood out for being able to bring together top players at a European level thanks to the economic support of the Parmalat company that ended up going bankrupt in 2003. Thus through their ranks players like Cannavaro passed, Buffon, In this, Veron, Asprilla, Zola, Hérnan Crespo and a long list of high-level players who raised the Italian team to the top of its history.

The Italian club has to its credit 3 Italy Cups (1991-92, 1998-99 Y 2000-01), a Recopa de Europa (1992-93), 2 UEFA Cups (1994-95 Y 1998-99) Y 1 European Super Cup (1993). further, except for a decrease in 2008 and a couple of lazier seasons, Parma has always been in the last 21 years between 7-10 top finishers of Serie A included in the season 2013/14, the last one where he was sixth and earned the right to play in the Europa League. A right that he could not exercise due to the denial of his UEFA license due to serious defaults and financial problems.

However, from the excellent last season there is nothing left since a year later, the club lives in the most absolute chaos, the most absolute of ruins. The team is bottom in the Serie A table, the players do not get paid and the winter market has left an important rout where half the team has left by legs seeing the economic panorama, sports and social life that the entity lives. A situation that is not unique and is even common in European football in recent years 7-8 years.

Cassano has left for the defaults of Parma.
Cassano has left for the defaults of Parma.

Cassano left, forgiving millions of euros, fuming at a club that did not pay him or his teammates and people from the club who need the money more than him. It was not the only case. The central Paletta was given to Milan, Acquah revoked his loan to go to Sampdoria and forward Pozzi left on loan to Chievo Verona with a purchase clause of….1000 euros among the most prominent cases of the rout.

Conversely, players like him arrived “Onion” Rodríguez from Atlético de Madrid who soon realized where he had gotten himself when he found out shortly after arriving that his teammates had not seen a euro for months. The thing is socially movidita too.

Onion was surprised to realize that in his new club the players do not get paid.
Onion was surprised to realize that in his new club the players do not get paid.

The owner of the club since 2007, Tommaso Ghirardi, dumped the club in January and sold it to a group of Cypriot-Russian origin with unclear conditions. It was acquired by a company that was barely two months old and had a capital of 1000 euros. Suspicious at least. A shell company that lasted until 8 February when they sold the club again for one euro to a group of businessmen gathered in a company called Mapi club based in Slovenia convinced of saving the club in a medium-long term project. What will happen?, We will see it but things look really bad for a modest man who one day played at being great.

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