Clashes Spain-Brazil: all of its history

Clashes Spain-Brazil: all of its history
History of Spain-Brazil clashes

Spain and Brazil walk in the Confederations Cup by different groups but common goal: win the competition. But nevertheless, whoever wants to win it knows that they will have a fearsome rival in front of them, so much for the history of both, as above all for the quality of the players on both sides. Along the history, both teams have met eight times, with four Brazilian wins, two draws and two Spanish victories. We review, the five official matches in which the faces have been seen:

1- Spain 3-Brazil 1: Italy round of 16 34. It was the first confrontation in the round of the 16 top. The Brazil of Leónidas succumbed in the Luigi Ferraris of Genoa to the Spain of Zamora, Quincoces and Lángara, the man who scored a providential double to eliminate the resistance of the South Americans. That day, the best Spanish goalkeeper in history saved a penalty.

2- Brazil 6- Spain 1: World Cup semi-finals 50. The home run that served to decide the World Cup champion in Brazil led to 16 years later, Spain met Brazil in Maracanã. Zarra, Puchades, Ramallets or Basora succumbed to the powerful forward formed by Adamir or Chico, authors of two goals each. It was a full-blown review, that unfortunately did not serve for any, because the World Cup would be won by Uruguay.

3- Brazil 2- Spain 1: World group stage 62: Di Stefano was not there, who fell injured, but Spain brought a real UN to the Chilean World Cup with players of multiple nationalities such as Puskas or Santamaría. Luis Suarez, Gento formed a fearsome team, but Brazil was still better. Amarildo, Skin (who was also injured), Djalma Santos, Didi, Zagallo the Garrincha. Adelardo overtook the Spanish, Amarildo turned a game around where there were several controversial plays.

4- Spain 0- Brazil 0: World group stage 78. The weakest match that is remembered between both teams and the meeting that went down in history. Why? Because a certain Cardeñosa failed the inexplicable. Only within the Brazilian area did it occur to him to shoot without a goalkeeper at the leg of a Brazilian defender who was on the goal line defending the indefensible. Cardeñosa's goal that never was.

5- Brazil 1- Spain 0: World group stage 86. Jalisco opened the championship for both teams with a clash decided by the great Socrates in the second half. But nevertheless, that's what the history books say. Memory points to something else: that Michel scored a phantom goal that bounced half a meter into the South American goal. Fortunately, in the Confederations Cup that will not happen again. Technology is released against this type of actions.

Michel's ghost goal in the World Cup 86 that they did not accept.
Michel's ghost goal in the World Cup 86 that they did not accept.

For lovers of statistics, the last friendly match between both teams was played in 1999 with tie 0 in Vigo, and the last victory that Spain got against Brazil was the 12 of September 1990 (3-0) . Since then and throughout the 21st century, Spain and Brazil have never seen each other. Strange, rare and regrettable for lack of both federations, unable to agree on a simple friendly match.

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