The failed goal of the year

The failed goal of the year
This play ended the most resounding missed goal of the year. Photo: Youtube.con

This move by the league leaves us Argentina is arguably the goal of the year failed. And he lived the minute 94 River Plate-Belgrano played in Monumental left mouth open more than one and two, especially the fans of River. The Millononarios were due by 2-1 and Belgrano, Córdoba team was keen to get a draw, River cogiera circumstances for the Cordovan equipment to the counter and generate a numerical superiority 4 vs 1.

Gonzalo Martínez, River player, He conducted over 40 meters the ball with three players on his team following the play and supporting. Once in the area, Martinez gave the known “pass death” to Thomas Andrade, one of the 3 Players who accompanied him on the move, finalize the move, I just had to push it into the empty net and make the third for his team. But to everyone's surprise, Belgrano goalkeeper, Roberto Acosta, throwing pulled down loose shot River player leaving the failed goal of the year.

¿Tú qué opinas, fallo del atacante o o acierto del portero?

Alberto Llopis

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