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Fallece Esquerdinha to them 46 years

Fallece Esquerdinha to them 46 years
Esquerdinha in a match against Athletic. PHOTO: El Norte de Castilla

Sad news received from Brazil. The former Real Zaragoza, Januário José Marcelo de Araujo, better known as EsquerdinhaHe died in the early hours of Wednesday to Thursday in the night of Halloween, in his hometown, Joao Pessoa, the regional capital of Paraiba, while he is playing a game of fans.

Esquerdinha that tenía 46 years, he retired from the game and get to the costume had a heart attack. He was evacuated by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he died just after 0:00 from Thursday 1. Its passage by Real Zaragoza not passed into history for his brilliance, in fact was one of the great pufos who passed as the picture maño years we tell in this article.

Only he played 22 meetings, scoring a goal, and he left the following summer, after falling to second in Zaragoza 2002. MANA entity issued a statement giving their condolences on the death of her former player at the beginning of the XXI century.

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